Here's How Technology Sector Battling with Second Wave of COVID

According to NASSCOM's report, technology industry being very successful in scaling the remote working model during the second wave
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  • Jun 09,2021
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COVID-19 pandemic has hardened its grip on India. Last year, the Indian demographic was relieved by witnessing a decrease in the number of affected COVID-19 patients. Shops and the business market reopened with hopes that the pandemic was in check. The country's economy was trying to recover from damage of the first wave that the second wave hit the nation. 

Business landscape has jostled; while some companies have managed to mitigate the effects of COVID, on the other hand, others have closed their shutters due to their inability to fight. Amid the former category, big and small-sized technology companies in India were ones, who combat with the second wave better than other industries. In NASSCOM’s recent report, technology firms battled better than other companies in the business niche. 98 per cent of organisations have less than 90 per cent workforce is in remote working mode after the second wave of COVID19 in April 2021, as compared to 83 per cent organisations in March 2021; industry being very successful in scaling the remote working model during the second wave. 

Here are three areas that helped the tech-enabled organisations to tackle epidemic better than other firms. 

Valuing Employees' Health 

Employee health and safety have become the top priority for organisations across the board of tech companies. As per the NASSCOM’s report, regardless of the organisation size or segment, EHS has emerged as the top priority followed by employee engagement. Organisations are taking a number of steps to ensure employee safety and well-being, such as tying up with partners for hospitals and isolation centres, forming dedicated COVID response teams and enhancing employee COVID insurance cover, in addition to taking steps to accelerate employee vaccination. 


Strong resilience has been exhibited by the technology industry. The tech industry in India has largely been successful in containing the impact of the second wave of COVID-19. The above-cited report stated that for the 4-week period under consideration, while most organisations report 2-3 per cent workforce impacted, they also report nil to minimal productivity and business impact. 

Hybrid Models 

Hybrid work models have become the new normal going forward. Tech industry used these models thereby, combating the pandemic easily. According to Nasscom’s report, (technology) companies  92 per cent of organisations are committed to Hybrid working models beyond the pandemic. 

Besides these factors, there are other small areas that uphold the technology industry and keep it intact. To know more about the technology sector, then read more articles on BusinessEx. 


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