Here’s How Technology Helping Recover Businesses

The increasing importance of capturing real-time data and acting upon the insights is driving focus on IoT
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  • Sep 10,2021
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Technology is a catalyst in aiding societies recover from the pandemic-hit world. The increasing importance of capturing real-time data and acting upon the insights is driving focus on IoT – both in terms of its wider applicability and the path towards achieving scale.

According to a report by Nasscom, a positive, virtuous cycle of accelerated growth can be charted when the scale of adoption will meet sophistication in terms of more automation, to deliver both cutting-edge solutions, as well as, technology for the larger social development. As intelligent devices and machines become more available, IoT technology will begin to be viewed as having a reinforcing positive impact on the everyday lives of citizens.

Focusing on the Digitalisation 

India has set itself an ambitious goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy by the year 2025 and Digital India initiatives are pivotal in helping achieve the same. With the government as the enabler, India has adopted a unique platformization strategy by building public digital platforms across sectors. 

These platforms are playing a key role in enhancing government-citizen engagement by empowering citizens, ensuring ease of governance and ease of doing business. The success of these platforms in India is driven by their low-cost development, interoperable design & large scale adoption and reach. The objective of this report is to highlight notable Indian public digital platforms and the population scale impact delivered by them.

Advancement of Cloud Computing 

As cloud computing is moving towards becoming a ubiquitous technology and will underpin other technology developments and innovation, building a large pool of cloud specific talent is the key to unlocking the $800 billion global cloud opportunity:

  •  BFSI, fintech, media and entertainment, manufacturing, telecom - at the tipping point of Cloud adoption
  •  Investments in cloud management, storage networks, security and back-up services to grow 31 per cent YoY till 2022
  • 49 per cent growth in Hybrid Cloud adoption over next 3 years
  • edge cloud: An emerging business model

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