Here’s How Pandemic Help Increase the Media Sector Globally

According to Kantar’s report named Media Reactions 2021, most (media channels) have benefited from increased numbers of exposed users during the pandemic
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  • Sep 02,2021
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The ongoing crisis has resulted in turmoil in many industries. The media industry, which primarily helps brands gain prominence, has also borne the effects of the epidemic. The industry has substantially increased during the last year after the rise in the growth of digital media.

According to Kantar’s report named Media Reactions 2021, encouraging signs were seen among some of the less popular online ad formats, with many improving their advertising perceptions and increasing their receptivity. Most (media channels) have benefited from increased numbers of exposed users during the pandemic, and for several online channels, this was an opportunity for the consumer to get to know the channels better and to feel more comfortable with the ads they see. 

Gaming Ads Gaining Traction 

In recent times, consumers believe that gaming ads are more ‘trustworthy’ and ‘relevant and useful' as compared to other ad channels. These ads are also termed as the most ‘fun and entertaining’ ad formats along with cinema and social media stories. On the other hand, consumers also have some negative perceptions of this media channel--intrusive, excessive ad targeting, and dull, to name a few.  

Similar responses have been received on music streaming and video streaming services. During the pandemic-led lockdown, consumers spend a considerable amount of time on these channels thus, exposure on these channels plummeted upward.

Podcasts Becoming the Ever-Rising Media Channel

As per the report’s findings, podcasts is a novel media channel that has received immense ad equity amid online media channels in 2020. Whilst, in 2021, podcast ad has overtaken influencer content thus, scoring the number one online channel spot. Consumers perceive of better quality and more relevance although, more repetitive as compared to the previous year. 

Thus, the report informs that marketers have increased infusions in podcasts in 2021 and will continue to invest more in 2022, accelerating the digital transformation of audio, as planned spend on radio continues to decrease. 

Ad Platforms Gaining Popularity 

The incredible growth of the platform meant the number of consumers exposed to ads. Amid all platforms, TikTok has almost doubled from 19 per cent to 37 per cent. People now have more formed opinions about ads on the platform, both positive and negative. As of 2020, TikTok is seen as the platform with the most ‘fun and entertaining’ ads, but there are also a few more people starting to think there are too many ads. While ads on TikTok might not quite as novel as last year, it is still an exciting experience for consumers.

Ad exposure for sponsored events did not fall during the pandemic and lockdowns because events pivoted to digital and continued online. Consumers also started appreciating ’in-person’ channels again. Exposure to Out of Home (OOH) ads increased compared to 2020, with a possible ’nostalgia’ effect, increasing perceptions of OOH ads as ‘better quality’ and ‘innovative’. 

New-age marketers, as well as veterans in the marketing niche, should focus on the cited ad channels. To target online audiences, they have to ascertain platforms wherein ads entice consumers more than usual. 


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