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During the quarantine, entrepreneurs need to adapt transition and embrace some of the healthy practices
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  • Apr 04,2020
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When working from home, it is crucial to act in accordance with one's ordinary work schedule. The outside world might have stopped working because of COVID-19 but internally, while sitting at home, a company should keep performing. To enable this, core strands of the business that are, employees should work and achieve their goals. 

For directing them better, an entrepreneur needs to develop a positive mindset. He needs to understand that this quarantine time is about investing into himself rather than wasting out. To help the businesses make use of this time, BEx Guruwaar organised a webinar with Harish Mehta, Business Coach at ActionCOACH India and MiddleEast.

These uncertain times are a trail for companies and entrepreneurs to go through.

"This time will not come again. Use it properly as it will help shape a new you. Gear up now and create a new world in your life," Harish Mehta said.  

During quarantine, the businesses should keep their targets unchanged and try meeting them while working virtually. For doing so, entrepreneurs need to adapt transition and embrace some of the healthy practices listed below:

Create a Routine

While working from home, entrepreneurs, as well as employees, should avert having a nonchalant attitude. Virtual work schedule is as significant as an ordinary 9 to 6 traditional job. Comprehending the importance of work, a person should scrutinise if one's work routine is the same or good or getting better or changed worse.

"More you learn in the quarantine time, the more you earn," Mehta advised the entrepreneurs. 

Lead Quality Time 

The entrepreneurs and other working professionals should designate 9am to 12 pm and 2pm to 5pm for office work. During this time, they ward off any distraction and focus on completing their daily tasks. So, organise your life and give time to your family and kids. 

It is also advised to pen down your routine, as well as goals, on a chart paper and paste on the wall. Jotting down your ideas, achievements, and plans will help enable personal development and development of others around you. 

Become Good, Better and Best

When working from home, it is important to find a place which can be used as your workstation. Find any corner of your house and convert into your work desk. 

"I got to do myself and get things done by people," Mehta shares this mantra for accomplishing daily goals.  

After this affirmation, the businessman should start his day by doing team hurdles such as overseeing work reports, assigning daily tasks and so on. Further, he does not only have to plan every day but begins planning for a week or fortnight.

Use Quarantine Effectively and Efficiently 

During this time, companies should focus on their productivity and work on maximising it. The entrepreneurs should not be bothered witnessing this adverse situation as entrepreneurship is invariably a bumpy ride. 

The businessowners, as well as working professionals, should not panic in such times. This is the right time when employees listen to the company owner. 

Toxins to Release Out 

While planning to work from home, there are various obstacles that a person will face. One can overcome these problems by giving up six bad habits. These bad virtues are: 

  • I promise to not complaint 
  • I promise to not criticise 
  • I promise to not engage in gossips
  • I promise to not stop worrying 
  • I promise to not procrastinate

Along with these affirmations, a person has to embrace other human beings, and the environment. 

Tackle this Crisis 

In this downturn, the entrepreneurs need to look at their business and see what type of crisis they are dealing with. Crisis is essentially a statement of affairs in which decisive change is impending. 

"To make your fear go, face the fear. Then, the fear will disappear," Mehta said.

Make Right Choices 

Whatever choices entrepreneurs will be making in this time, will define them in time to come. Thus, being a leader, one should guard one’s heart and feed one’s mind. Also, it is vital to protect oneself and others directly or indirectly depending on one’s circle. 






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