Here’s How Education Sector Working While Conforming to Lockdown Mandates

Edtech and educational institutions catering to the needs of students and college aspirants amid lockdown
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  • Apr 20,2020
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The ongoing lockdown has flatten the economy of India. Every sector has ravaged a bit or more due to the epidemic. Reduction in consumer demands, cash crunch, and minimal business operations are some of the adversities that every business is struggling with. Amid this lockdown, the populace of students and college aspirants is majorly hit as they could not appear for entrance tests and thus, cannot enroll for desired colleges. 

Understanding students' problems, an array of edtech companies have come forward and are offering e-classes and live sections to the students. One such edtech app is BasicFirst Learning OPC Pvt. Ltd. that has begun BasicFirst Doubt Clearing App, which solves queries of students. The application clears doubts of students via in-app chats in 32 minutes, reported Press Trust of India.   

The app provides customised packages to the students after understanding their unique needs at an economical monthly subscription. It resolves doubts through live sessions with experienced teachers via in-app chatting. It caters to the students from classes 6th to 12th belonging to all Boards (including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and other State Boards such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Bihar) and major competitive examinations – IIT Main, JEE Advance, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, Olympiads and more. 

"Due to Coronavirus, all educational institutions have shut down and exams have been suspended without a date in sight, the education system is in a limbo, where does this leave the students? Our duty is to provide the students with an interactive platform that helps them promote their academic goals efficiently by drastically reducing the time required in resolving doubts. We always put students first. Therefore, we want to ensure an entirely stress-free learning process," Randhir Kumar, Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor - BasicFirst Learning OPC Pvt. Ltd said.  

Edtech Makes Sure the Students’ Education Remain Unaffected During Lockdown  

Edutech company, BasicFirst Learning OPC Pvt. Ltd is an aptitude-based tailored e-learning app. It employs various things--artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning--to form its online platform. It clears doubts within 32 minutes or less through chat on its app. It hones students with subject competency, knowledge about underpinnings, aptitude and communication skills to surpassing academic goals, secure well in competitive exams and lead onto a good career path. 

The company plans to extend its services across the farthest regions to make digital academic support universally accessible, according to its statement.  

The company was founded by Randhir Kumar in 2017. It was initiated with an idea to make quality education available in the remote areas of the country. It employs experienced teachers and professionals from top colleges of India, which are available 24x7, to design teaching modules and assist students in acing the school, Board and competitive exams. Moreover, it offers multiple courses designed for competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advance, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE and Olympiads. 

Academic Institutions Embracing Digitalism During Lockdown 

While edtech is aiding students in preparation, some educational bodies are changing their mode of examination and adapting digitalism. The International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), which is one of the foremost hospitality academic institutions in the country, introduced the E-Chat exam for student aspirants. 

In this online test, entrants had to clear two rounds that are, test and video interview. The IIHM's decision to conduct online tests gave relief to hospitality entrants who were worrying about entrance examinations. 

In a similar vein, Pearl Academy, a leading fashion institute in the country, is conducting over 16 online counselling sessions for its students amid lockdown. The institute has remodeled its curricula after changing its annual counselling sessions named as Aagman sessions, which occurs at the onset of every admission cycle.  

Besides the online counselling sessions, the fashion institute has brought a slew of changes to cope up with current distress and cater to the students’ and aspirants’ needs. It has begun an initiative called #LearningInNewReality to promote remote learning amid its students. Under this initiative, more than 1300 classes have been carried out  by prominent industry leaders viz.--Gunjan Gupta and Amit Aggarwal and also, international faculty from Manchester Metropolitan University. 

The educational institution offers online courses to start upskill opportunities as more than 3900 options are available in association with Business of Fashion and Coursera.          

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