Here’s How Beer Makers are Reshaping Themselves

While talking about alcohol consumption, there are various alcohol (beer) brands that are much liked by the Indian millennials
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Alcohol consumption in India has risen over the years. According to a report by Goldstein Market Intelligence, with a population of 1.3 billion, India is one of the largest consumer markets across the globe. It is also demographically one of the youngest with around 50 per cent of its population below the age of 25 and around 65 per cent below the age of 35. The majority of alcohol volume is consumed by people between the ages of 18 and 40.These demographic stats are expected to fuel the growth of alcoholic beverages market over the forecast period at rapid pace. Additionally, rapid urbanization of tier-II cities is further fueling the market growth.

While talking about alcohol consumption, there are various alcohol (beer) brands that are much liked by the Indian millennials. Here are some of the major brands that have made the rounds during the pandemic. 

Budweiser India 

Marketing campaigns play a huge role in attracting customers, particularly millennials. This  beer making company followed a similar move however, faced backlash from netizens. According to a media report by Campaign India, Budweiser India’s marketing strategy proved to face criticism this year. The brand had faced backlash for its #StrongerTogether influencer-led campaign.  The backlash followed right after Budweiser India reached out to its audience via several influencers, asking them to help secure a vaccination spot for their respective domestic workers, watchmen, drivers, gardeners and other support staff. The post included the participating influencers posing with one of their staff members. However, netizens did not receive the campaign well, taking to social media to express disappointment. 

The report revealed that the customers believed the campaign was ‘casteist’, ‘tone deaf’ and used marginalised, vulnerable groups for a gimmick.


Heineken has lately got control over the United Breweries Limited brand. According to a report by Foodingredoent first, Heineken has obtained control of UBL in India, following United Breweries Limited's (UBL).

This comes at the heels of Heineken’s recent acquisition of additional ordinary shares in UBL, taking its shareholding in UBL from 46.5 per cent to 61.5 per cent.


Corona is quite enjoyed amongst millennials. According to a media report by The Drum, 

beer giant, Corona has launched ‘plastic fishing’ tournament – paying fishermen in Mexico to retrieve plastic waste from the ocean. During the event, created with agency We Believers, 80 fishermen competed to make the biggest catch, collectively hauling more than three tons of plastic refuse from the ocean in Mazatlán, Mexico.

The winner of the tournament pulled in nearly 815 pounds of plastic the day of the contest, earning $14,800 pesos, the equivalent of a month of wages from fishing at the usual rates in the area.

Bira 91 

Bira 91 has raised $30 million from Japanese integrated beverages company Kirin Holdings, its first investment in India. Kirin will hold less than 10 per cent stake in Bira 91 following the transaction. Sources said Bira 91 is being valued at around $300 million.

In May last year, after the business took a severe hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown, the company raised $5 million from existing investors Sequoia Capital and Sofina.

Many companies tried to cope up with times while some took business moves to have the upper hand over their competitors. This year (2021) the above-stated beer companies were in limelight for their marketing strategies and other business transactions. 

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