Here’s 5 Startup Business Ideas for You

Due to the pandemic, business market has majorly changed; entrepreneurs have to ascertain an array of new business startup ideas to venture into the market
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  • Aug 12,2021
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Enterprising world has become really competitive. Everyday, a new business is birthing and participating in the business ecosystem. New business owners carry high hopes when they take reins of the business. However, fewer business models succeed at the end and manage to create their own place. 

According to a report by Statista, the Indian economy was hit hard by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, in contrast to the overall recession, the startup ecosystem pointed the way for a positive future through innovation and digitalization. Although the number and value of funding deals decreased slightly, 2020 recorded several new unicorns and a lot of movement on the market..

With the coming of the pandemic, the business market has majorly changed. Entrepreneurs have to ascertain an array of new business startup ideas to venture into the market. If finding the best startup business ideas a problem for you, then here are some ideas: 

Dropshipping Business 

It is easy to start a dropshipping business today. It is one of the lower risk startup business ideas. In this, a third-party party retains and sends products to the final customer. You need to have a small amount of capital to get off the ground. After this, you need to generate successful leads and turn them into sales. Following this, you transfer those orders to the supplier, who sends goods to the customers.

Customised T-shirts 

It is one of dropshipping businesses that you can easily kick-start. You have to create innovative designs and sell those t-shirts to a third-party provider. Similar to T-shirts, you can create other things as well like phone covers, key chains, caps and hoodies etc. 

For better sales, you can start working on online platforms and promote your business on the Internet. In this way, you will get more customers for the business. 

Eco-friendly Beauty Business 

Today, people are very conscious of the type of products that they have been using. They are inclining toward chemical-free, healthier products. This preference has given birth to eco-friendly beauty businesses. If you have knowledge of beauty products, then start this business

First of all, research about chemical ingredients that are being used. After this, you can create an alternative by using eco-friendly products. Test such products on close friends and family before launching in the market. 

Creating Chatbot 

Chatbots have become essential for business websites. They help visitors to navigate through the website and also, assist them throughout their experience. To start this business, you have to learn coding and then, create a chatbot. You would require to have a fundamental IT knowledge before creating this business. 

Market Consultancy Business 

Small businesses face challenges while approaching their potential customers. You can help resolve this problem by putting your marketing experience in place. If you are a marketing veteran, then you would be versed with marketing tactics such as SEO, SEM, and content writing, etc. 

Use these tactics and match with the right client. In this way, your clients will flourish and help you raise in the long run. 

Start these startup business ideas if you want to compete in the market. Besides these ideas, there are a multitude of other startup ideas that you can search as per your interest.

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