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Here’re the 4 Investment Plans to Get Higher Returns

Know the investment plans that cater higher financial return at lower risks.
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Nov 09,2018

During the old age, investment is the only thing which reaps fruit and facilitates in leading the life. However, other than old age, investment is required for various other causes too such as education, commencing a business and acquisition of fixed assets. Therefore, a decision to endow money in an investment plan should be a thoughtful action.

The Quest to Find Low-Risk Investments with High Returns

While deciding on investment plans, people usually anticipate a plan to be less risky and more high-yielding. In general, risk and return factor in the investment sector have an inverse relationship. Owing to which, it becomes seemingly difficult to decide out a plan from the lot.

To facilitate in making easier investment plans, here are a few investment options that are deemed to render profitable returns.

  1. High-Interest Saving Accounts

Nowadays, many banks are offering high interest rates on the saving accounts. These interest rates are traditionally higher and less risky than other investment plans. The banks, which practice this regime, provide a decided amount of interest on the deposited amount.

Currently, high-interest rates on the saving accounts are provided by Kotak Mahindra Bank, SBI bank, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Citi Bank, Axis bank, Induslnd Bank, DCB bank, RBL bank and HDFC bank. So, open an account in any of these banks and receive high financial returns.

  1. CD (Certificate of Deposit)

In the wide financial market, Certificate of Deposit is deemed one of the finest and risk-free investment plans. In this plan, an individual deposits money in the financial institution for a decided amount of time and owes to get a guaranteed financial return after the completion of the said time period.

The best part of this investment plan is that financial returns are not affected by fluctuating rates of the financial institution during the time period. Owing to which, it is the finest investment plan for low-risk takers.

  1. Dividend Payouts and ETFs

Investing in stocks requires a thorough knowledge of the share market. Besides this, if an individual seeks to earn more return than the usual returns, then he should look for stocks which provide dividends. Dividends are an additional way to earn extra bucks from the stocks.

Furthermore, if ascertaining a stock which pays off dividend is daunting task then search for a dividend stock fund. Generally, a dividend stock mutual fund performs all jobs for the investor, from selecting the stock to paying out financial returns. Thus, consider both the above-mentioned investment plans and then, determine the best plan for yourself.

  1. Annuity

An annuity is another medium to stabilize ones future by investing in financial institutions especially, insurance companies. By endowing money in this investment plan, the investor tries to create a good portfolio for his financial soundness and correspondingly, secures his future. Though, while signing off the agreement, the investor should rigorously read the document and accordingly take a decisive action.

The above-mentioned investment plans are the best investment plans in India.

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