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Considering market trends and consumer demands, here is a list of the best business ideas under INR 30 lakhs
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  • Dec 22,2020
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The Indian economy is rapidly recovering from the crisis. Seeing the market’s potential and situation, many individuals are thinking about starting their venture. As the business landscape has changed drastically, a shift in business opportunities and ideas has been seen. Business ideas that were viable in the pre-pandemic phase are not much lucrative during the pandemic. 

Considering market trends and consumer demands, here is a list of the Best Business Ideas under INR 30 lakhs. These business ideas will withstand the health crisis and stay functional in the long run. 


During the pandemic-led lockdown, there was a huge demand for essentials products. Thus, rounds to supermarkets increased tremendously; also, departmental stores had begun offering delivery services. Success of the supermarkets was an eye opener for traditional investors and exhibited that essential items hold much more importance in the real world. 

By opting for such a type of business, one cannot run out of the business despite competition. For starting this business, one would require a shop in a market or crowded region and have to store varieties of branded products. 

Beauty Salon

In the lockdown period, grooming oneself has become extremely difficult. Salons were closed and thereby, people faced problems. Once salons opened, customers came up in huge numbers. This shows that salons is somewhat counted as an essential service and starting your own salon would be a viable business idea. 

To enter the industry, you need to have a training or formal education in beauty and wellness. Following that, you have to ascertain a place nearby a crowded region. Buy equipment and products, then hire employees to do miniscule work. 

Loan Platform

Many businesses do not have money to run their business. It becomes daunting to survive in such an unfavourable environment. To get aid, entrepreneurs reach NBFCs, banks and other lending institutions and ask for loans. This is ongoing for months now as businesses are finding it difficult to come out of the economic downturn.

If you have immense capital and seek to help MSMEs, then you can initiate a loan platform. You can set a criterion to know which businesses are eligible for loans. Herein, your profit would be interest that would be accrued on the principal amount. 

Delivery Business 

People are even now preferring to receive things at their doorstep instead of stepping outside. They are averting rounds to market and opting for online delivery services. If you have a lot of  logistics, then you can think of starting your own delivery services. 

It would facilitate people in your town or nearby region. You would have to hire drivers and partner with companies in order to get delivery orders. You can also create a mobile application to promote your product better. 

These are the best business ideas under INR 30 lakhs. There are some more business ideas that you can start under this budget. If you know any, then write in comment section below. 

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