Here are the Best Business Investment Options for You

If you are interested in doubling your money,there are some of the best business investment options in India
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  • May 07,2021
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Over the years, India has become a rich business hub. Investors across the world are infusing money into the country’s lucrative, dynamic business ecosystem. Owing to this, a slew of new realms have originated at present--Fintech, Insurtech, AI and ML, to name a few. According to a report by DPIIT, India had a cumulative foreign direct inflows (FDI) $749,397 million from April, 2000 to December, 2020. FDI consists of equity inflows, reinvested earnings and other capital. 

Investment is not invariably for veterans and industrialists. Even, young millennials can try their hands in the investing realm and earn more than FDs or other conventional saving options. If you are interested in doubling your money, then here are the best business investment options in India

Edtech Sector 

Education technology segment is quite vivid. It has been changing over the years and attracting the eyes of investors. A few reputed names in the edtech industry are Byju’s, Topplr, Vedantu and Unacademy. 

According to Statista, the amount of venture capital invested in European EdTech (Education technology) companies increased from $70 million in 2014, to $643 million in 2019, an increase of $573 million. The success of the edtech sector itself gives a clue as to why young minds should start investing in rising edtech companies. 

A huge participation in the edtech segment will leverage India’s decadent education system. It will transform the system and make it better. 

E-commerce Website 

Businesses such as e-commerce sites or e-tailers are mainstream business opportunities presently. These business models support the idea of digitisation and technology. It diverts customers’ attention from traditional markets and meanwhile, offers small businesses a platform to render their product to global customers. According to a report by Statista, retail online had gained speed in the last decade. Despite online sales accounting for just three per cent of all retail in 2017, the digital commerce sphere was estimated to reach 330 million buyers online by 2020.

The report further stated that in 2020, the economic impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown since late March also boosted the adoption of online payments due to home confinement measures.

Owing to people’s increasing reliance on e-commerce, the e-commerce industry has risen anew thereby, small new players entering the realm. This is the apt time when young investors should seize the opportunity and infuse into new as well as renowned e-commerce companies. 

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