Here Are 7 Books That Every Investor Should Read

Investors, who do not read books, become muddled once they think of developing an inclination toward books. So, here is a list of books for investors
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  • Oct 31,2020
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Enterprising is a skill that is intrinsic in an individual. It cannot be engendered through magic or consuming potions. A good entrepreneur can be successful after dwelling into business and secondly, reading. Reading is a crucial part of most of the successful businessmen today. Books not only enliven a person but also help learn important lessons that can be implemented practically. They are a spectrum of knowledge that is cost-free and highly valued. 

Before stepping into an industry, business investors should learn about that sector. In this purpose, books will play a pivotal role in giving a glimpse of a particular industry. They also give facts and other important data of a niche that help calibrate whether to invest into that industry or not. 

Investors, who do not read books, become muddled once they think of developing an inclination toward books. So, here is a list of books for investors. These books will give in-depth knowledge about the investment world. 

The Intelligent Investor 

The Intelligent Investor, which is authored by Benjamin Graham, talks about value investing. This investment approach has been introduced by Graham while he was teaching in a business school. The book was later altered and reedited by David Dodd. 

In this book, investors are being told to focus on real-time performance of their firms and getting dividends. They should not be bothered with the stock markets’ unstable and highly dynamic nature. 

Stocks to Riches

Stocks to Riches is written by Parag Parikh. The writer has shared his knowledge with the readers. With this book, he tries to help the investors who are at beginner's level. He explains the stock market as a risky venture where one cannot foresee the future. 

Through tips and tricks, the writer shares how an investor can make profitable bets by considering time and other essential factors. 

How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market

This book is written by Prasenjit Paul. In this, the writer explains the nature of the stock market and tells why investors face losses. Herein, he helps the investors find out the right business, the apt time to trade in shares and also, how investors can reduce business losses. 

The Warren Buffett Way 

The book is authored by Robert Hagstorm. It describes investment, as well as business principles, of value investing. The shared principles are essentially practiced by the most successful investor, Warren Buffett.

Buffett is veteran in the investment industry. Most of his bets are profitable until now; he is renowned for his deep understanding of the stock market. 

Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts

The book is written by Santosh Nair. In the book, the character, Lalchand Gupta tells the history of the Indian stock market. He talks about the journey of the stock market after the country got liberated. 

The book covers all aspects of the market such as bubble burst, tax evasion, scams, money laundering and so on. These events teach valuable lessons to the investors and thereby, prepare them to deal with similar situations in the forthcoming time. 

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market

The book is written by Joel Greenblatt. It has been called as an enriched ‘finance literature’. The writer has shared a formula in the book for investors. With this formula, they can easily select stocks of a good company and attain profits as well. 

The book explains the research done on the financial crises. It also discusses the financial crisis that took place in 2009.

Think and Grow Rich

It is written by Napoleon Hill. It is inspired by business veteran and philanthropist, Andrew Carneige. The book helps the investors increase their earnings. It facilitates people in attaining success in any field.  

The writer has created 16 laws after studying behaviour and stressed that they can help attain success.

Reading these books will help investors comprehend challenges in the stock market. Every book shares business insight and some tips to ace in the ever-changing marketplace. To outdo other investors, it is crucial to keep an eye on the market, which is a common advice by every veteran. If there are more books for investors that you want to recommend, then please write in the comment section. 

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