Food Industry: Buy, Sell or Invest

Food Industry is a hub of business opportunities so let's find out why you should buy/sell or invest in a business.
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  • Dec 14,2017
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In India, the richness of food, spices and flavours has left an impression on the tongue of Indian consumers which builds the demand for a food business but also increases the competition. It is not easy to start your own venture in this industry until and unless you have done everything perfectly, like selecting a good location, attracting customers, preparing delicious food, etc. So it is hard for people to decide when to invest in a business or buy a business or sell a business.

Well if you are planning to buy or sell a business even invest in a business in Food industry, you need to be aware of the industry trends so that you will make a good decision.

Current trends in the food industry:

As per the IBEF report, India stands as the sixth largest food and grocery market in which retail businesses are contributing over 70 per cent of sales. Also, food processing industry of India is one of the largest market contributing in this space. By 2020, it is estimated that Indian organic food market will grow three times than the current value.

According to National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) report, the restaurant market of India was estimated at Rs 3.09 lakh crore in 2016 and by 2021 the restaurant sector will contribute 2.1 per cent of country’s GDP. By 2021, the food service market will reach around Rs 5 lakh crore with CAGR of 10 per cent.

When and Why to Buy Business?

It is essential to know when and why buying a business in this industry is beneficial. The food industry is a promising industry which has itself diversified segments for business services. The demand for a food business never fades away, so buying a business in this industry is a good idea.

Now it’s time to decide when to buy. Well, the first thing you should do is keep up-to-date with the current trends of the and check the prices for a business you want to buy constantly. Suppose if you buy a business in the festival season then you are making a mistake as it is the time that seller will charge more. Also, location prices keep changing so try to buy a business in a good crowded market so that demand for your business is more.

When and why to Sell Business?

If an entrepreneur is facing some challenges from competitors, running low on finance, planning to change the segment or starting a new business then an entrepreneur must sell their business. While selling an entrepreneur must do a proper planning and try to build goodwill in the market, complete financials and go for selling when the value of the business is high.

When and Why Invest in Business?

Investing in a food business is investing in future. This business opportunity is hard to find opportunity because returns are the highest in this segment. These business opportunities have great investment potential and when you see fit the economy is stable and demand is high then you should invest. Now is the perfect time to seek out for this opportunity.

Where to Buy/Sell/Invest?

The most challenging task for an entrepreneur is to decide where to buy/sell/invest as it is a time-consuming process. BusinessEx is the platform that is created to solve this issue by providing a space where buyer, seller and investor can interconnect to do the transaction. So if you have planned what you want to do then register now.


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