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On the business front, an entrepreneur should not search for individuals that are like him; he needs to look for mentors who are diverse in knowledge and mindset
  • BY Jaspreet Kaur

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  • Jul 18,2020
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While creating friends, an individual prefers surrounding himself around like-minded people. He searches for the ones who have similarities in goals, careers, and hobbies. This is how a person increases his personal nexus. While creating a professional or business nexus, is it imperative to befriend like-minded entrepreneurs or ones working in diverse fields?  

On the business front, an entrepreneur should not search for individuals that are like him. He needs to look for industrialists and mentors who are diverse in knowledge and mindset. This will help him apprehend the business landscape better. Moreover, to become an established leader, the entrepreneur has to pivot on mentorship that holds experience in various fields. 

Achieving a Balance 

Attaining balance in life is imminent for every individual in today’s time. The ones who are engaging into the business mostly fail to achieve a balance. They become immensely focused on actualizing their dream and following their passion. As a result, they often indeliberately loosen bonds with people including their mentors.

Such practice should be averted and entrepreneurs should try imbibing things from his professional bonds. For instance, while working along with women business leaders, he can have a different approach. He develops emotional intelligence and considers others feelings while making important decisions. 

After grasping a female’s business approach, he attains the ability to resolve conflicts and make thoughtful moves. Thus, an entrepreneur should not create bonds with people who are alike him and should look for diversity. 

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