This Videobot Technology Platform Enabling Job Aspirants to Make Apt Career Decisions

AI-based videobot platform, Expertrons claims to resolve career-related issues by offering guidance to aspiring students and professionals
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  • Apr 30,2020
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When masses are subjected to quarantine, they tend to face a plethora of problems as their movement is restrained. However, technology-driven businesses such as online grocery platforms, e-commerce platforms, and edtech platforms, etc have eased the lives of millions of people. In such tough times, technology has emerged as an anchor to the support plummeting economy.In the current scenario, when schools and other academic institutions have closed down due to contagion; edtech companies have stepped up to cater to the students’ needs. 

In order to provide unhindered education, the education technology firms like Unacademy and BYJU's are offering low-cost or completely cost-free online as well as live classes. In a similar vein, students, who are recently graduated from colleges and aspiring to work with giant firms, would be facing problems in approaching desired companies. The Mumbai-based AI-based video bot platform, Expertrons claims to resolve this issue by offering career guidance to aspiring students and professionals through seasoned professionals and mentors. 

The startup has recently got funding in its latest seed funding round from Nikhil Vora, Managing Director at Sixth Sense Venture, Iceland Venture Studio, LetsVenture, and Samyakth Capital. Other angel investors, who participated in the funding round, include Rohit Chanana, Partner at Sarcha Advisors, Sumit Chhazed, Co-founder at OTO Capital and Dr. Sukanta Ganguly. President and Board of Directors at ClickIPO, according to the company's official statement.

The company plans to use this latest funding to enhance its tech capabilities and expand its product offerings to enable organizations with its video bots.  

"Expertrons was a compelling deep tech for investors on the LetsVenture platform interested in ed-tech and allied verticals, jobs and professional networks. While the focus today is on career guidance, the core  AI video bot technology could have some good parallel applications in large markets," Sunitha KR, Director at LetsVenture, said

Enabling Job Aspirants to Make Career Choices 

In India, there are 30 million youngsters completing their higher education and spending close to $5000 for it, aiming to get a dream career opportunity. A majority of these aspirants are first-generation graduates with no one in their circle to guide them on their career choices. Expertrons bridges this last mile gap to help students and professionals make the right career decisions. 

The AI-based videobot platform helps people, particularly seasoned working professionals and industrialists create an educational video like an interview experience. The users can come and talk to the videobot of the mentor, and seasoned professional. The platform essentially matches profiles and enables them to connect through pre-recorded videos of these experts. Based on that, a user can make a decision whether to connect with them and accordingly, take consultation. 

"Expertrons' deep tech AI recommendation engine based on numerous data points personalizes the best-suited experts and career options for aspirants. After the unique videobot interaction, experts get a lifetime earning opportunity via referral bonus and one on one consultations to interested aspirants," Jatin Solanki, Co-founder at Expertrons, said in the company's official statement. 

"We have eliminated the problem of connecting with friends, and close connections to seek consultation. This concept of reaching out to somebody is inherently in nature. Now, instead of reaching out to friends, you can now go outside, and reach a person, who is working for Google, which is a dream for a person," Vivek Gupta, Co-founder at Expertrons, explained functionality of videobot technology to BusinessEx. 

"Videobot technology that is being used at Expertrons help deal with time constraints that professionals and mentors face while offering consultation to young jobseekers and aspirants. Thus, mentors, and professionals can create videobots that can answer 90 per cent of questions," Gupta added.       

The startup is established by former graduates of IIT Bombay, Vivek Gupta and Jatin Solanki. Both co-founders are also second-time entrepreneurs with more than eight years of experience in education technology. The company asserts to be the largest library of career experiences with over 12,000 minutes of video bots of over 550 experts, who are pursuing a dream career at top firms like BCG, Google, One Plus, Morgan Stanley, or even graduates from top business schools like IIMs, ISBs or Harvard. 

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