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Every Company Should Use These 5 CRM Software

Managing the customer base is significant for the company as customers are the main source of revenue generation
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jan 29,2019

Small, emerging companies face difficulties while rising up on the ladder. A meagre capital, small workforce and sometimes, inefficient skills are a catalyst in running SME. Keeping the customers along with the brand becomes problematic for the new companies. Mainly, lack of CRM and market study arise issues in customer management.

The problem can be resolved If SME takes help of software companies or procure software solutions. Other than relying on expensive software companies, SME can utilize CRM software as well. There is enormous CRM software which is cost-free and open-source.      

5 Best Open-Source CRM Software

Managing the customer base is significant for the company as customers are the main source of revenue generation. Thus, every company should utilize handy CRM software for the role. At the moment, there is multiple CRM software available in the market. Each software has distinct pros and accordingly, it meets the needs of the specific company.  To reduce the searching process, here are the best open-source and cost-free CRM software.        

  1. SuiteCRM Software

This software is a renowned virtual CRM tool and can be easily installed by users. It is available on-premise, as well as cloud configurations, which facilitate the users to get access to the database safely. Further, it crosses the language barriers as it is available in multiple languages.  

By using this software, managing communication becomes easier as the software releases customized reports for the clients and further detects errors in the system. The frequent analysis renders a 360-degree report to the company, which showcases the processes from the beginning till the end.

  1. Xtuple CRM

This software is Linux-based CRM tool which is the most trusted by small companies. It is cost-free, as well as open-source software, which makes easier for companies to meet their business requirements. 

The software is compatible with LINUX, Mac and Windows. It helps the company to convert leads into sales and thus, increase revenue. Furthermore, it solidifies the manufacturing and distribution processes of the company.

  1. SugarCRM

The software has been deemed the best CRM software as it has a user-friendly interface. It facilitates the entire customer relationship management via a single interface. For new companies, the software renders sophisticated analytic tools which help the companies comprehend the market and meanwhile, increment the sales.

It permits the company to integrate with the social media. Further, it assists in constructing an appropriate business strategy. Creating campaigns and circulating it on different channels becomes easier as well as faster through SugarCRM.

  1. Zoho CRM

The software is a multi-channel tool which assists the users in automating sales and marketing. In order to increase revenue and engage with better prospects, companies should utilize this software. It incorporates various exciting attributes which extend the business reach and engage the customers.

It helps to pick out the marketing trends which are relevant to the company. By rendering business insights, it helps to accelerate sales and convert the leads. Further, it creates a distinct panel for the customers and permits the company’s team to converse with them.

  1. Bitrix 24

This software is open-source CRM tool and incorporates on-premise as well as cloud versions. The free version of this software cannot be used by more than twelve users and supports online storage up to 5GB.

The software monitors end-to-end performance of the company. To reduce the errors, it caters a visual configuration tool to the users. Besides the desktop, users can run the software on their cell phones.

SME should utilize the above-mentioned CRM software to handle customer relationship and grow their customer base.  


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