Employing Whatsapp and Linkedin can Help Grow Your Business

Social media platforms now leverage the business in the virtual ecosystem
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  • Mar 27,2019
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Today, social media has become a popular topic for discussions at tea-time. News, videos, posts and other information that are circulated on social media impacts people massively. From food choices to fashion clothing, every type of information is easily available on social media platforms. Aside from absorbing information, social media platforms can be employed in a different manner as well. The social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook and WhatsApp can be utilized to boost your business.

Boost the Business by Indulging in Social Media platforms

Social media platforms now leverage the business in the virtual ecosystem. Thus, having an online business entity has become vital for every small and big company. By creating a community group on WhatsApp, Facebook and other internet platforms, a company is able to connect with a diverse audience. More so, the company grows vastly as it crosses geographical barriers.

Connecting with prospective customers and maintaining existing customer rapport have become easier via the use of social media.

How Whatsapp Helps Increase Your Business

WhatsApp Business API, a version of WhatsApp messenger, was introduced in 2018. This application was launched for easing the connectivity between the users. Originally, WhatsApp Business API bridged gaps between small and large companies and customers.

By building a profile on WhatsApp, entrepreneurs can connect with users directly. The entrepreneurs can boost the growth of their business by sharing business offers, delivering product knowledge and expanding the business. Further, collecting feedback from the users becomes easier through the messenger app as the entrepreneur has direct contact with the users. The users can directly share their bad experiences as well as problems with a certain brand and subsequently, the companies can  fix those issues.

In this way, the consumer grievances would be lessened and the companies would be able to retain a lot of their customers.

How LinkedIn will Leverage the Business

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is a precise social networking site to increase nexus. The social networking site has over 560 million users and LinkedIn Ads is a helpful tool for targeting the audience.

The search-editing features in the social networking site help the entrepreneurs to approach prospective customers. Even, while creating Linkedin Ads, the entrepreneur receives various categories, which help assess the type of customers one has to target, such as the industry, job title, company, years of experience, briefing the detail (summary) and so on.

These features make it easier for the entrepreneur to describe the industry he works in and, further, gives a concise picture of the company.

Content promotion is another positive attribute of Linkedin. Articles, e-books and other forms of content can be easily promoted via LinkedIn’s sponsored content. By using this feature, a company builds a reputation amongst users and secondly, remains connected with the audience.

The entrepreneurs should have their presence on these aforementioned platforms as they are some of the widely used platforms.   




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