Emerging Business Opportunities in Pandemic

The entrepreneurs have to proactively act, in the current times, and ascertain new emerging businesses, new funding ways and novel sales as well as marketing strategies
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  • Aug 04,2020
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In the present year, the business ecosystem has changed globally. Consequently, businesses are swiftly adapting to the changes to survive in the pandemic. Despite the prevailing situation, many companies are keeping high hopes with 2021 and expect to recover by the next year.  

Organisations have combated the pandemic by pivoting their business and ascertaining new ways to operate their business. As the economy reopens, companies have pulled up their socks to perform recovery. The entrepreneurs have to proactively act, in the current times, and ascertain new emerging businesses, new funding ways and novel sales as well as marketing strategies. 

A slew of business opportunities have emerged in these changing times, and companies have to deploy them in order to grow, here are some of the tips.

Emerging Business Opportunities 

Owing to the pandemic, a need has emerged for contactless, digitised and virtual businesses across the world. These elements have become so crucial that the existing companies have begun deploying into their business.

  • Restaurants

The pandemic has severely affected the restaurant industry globally. Services like delivery, dine in and takeout have become things of past. The restaurateurs are, thereby suffering and planning to start food trucks. By owning food trucks, restaurateurs can reach more customers and fulfill their instant demands.  

In this way, entrepreneurs can connect with customers and foster their two-sided relationship. Similarly, they can use technology and bridge customers directly with chefs, and share recipes as well as culinary knowledge.

  • Retail Business

At present, it is easier for retailing companies to step into the Indian e-commerce segment. Although, the e-commerce niche is competitive, retailing firms have to possess tools to stabilise themselves. They have to shift from brick and mortar stores to online stores and serve a wide range of commodities to the customers. For instance, sanitising products and safeguard gears have a high demand in the country presently. While staying indoors, consumers are also looking for new hobbies like gardening, baking, and stitching. Thus, both types of demands can be addressed by the retailers. 

  • Virtual Classes and Experiences 

Entrepreneurs that offer classes and sessions for culinary skills, fitness and art have now moved to online classes. Several video conferencing applications are being used to reach customers now. With the pandemic, consumers ask for contactless services and in order to fulfill such demands, organisations have digitised themselves. As a result, realty business and other relatable business have started offering virtual experience to the customers.

For instance, realty entrepreneurs offer virtual tours of flats and homes to the interested buyers. They also offer personalised videos of a property if the customers are interested.  

  • Offer Creative Services 

Businessmen who possess skills like content writing, copywriting, graphic designing, web development and web designing can easily find jobs on freelance websites. On the other hand, companies operating on the large scale face difficulty in standing upright. Despite the economic slump, they continue to invest in marketing and seek employees for contractual work so as to keep the business buoyant. 

The above-cited information will help entrepreneurs in grabbing the right opportunities. They can also penetrate into untapped niches if they study the market properly.

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