Digital Healthcare Startups Should Follow these Steps to Recruit Better Talent

If a digital healthcare startup plans on doing something big then it should bring experienced employees on board
  • BY Jaspreet Kaur

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  • Apr 10,2019
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When a company is largely known in the market, then it is not the sole efforts of the company but also of the employees that have been credible for this recognition. Both the entrepreneur and employees are indeed essential to create a brand. If either of the two components stops participating then a product can’t be created and the target can’t be attained.

The best user-friendly products that are launched in the market are consequently the outcome of employees’ hard work. Since the employees portray a company’s image, it is essential to recruit skilled employees who are well-versed and possess know-how. For digital healthcare startups ascertaining skilled, experienced employees becomes difficult as it takes time to find the right fit for the business.

Don’t Rely on Fresh Talent

If it is a small startup, company owners try to reduce the budget by hiring fresh talent and then, mentoring those freshers well. By following this approach, companies often manage to save the money but its progress slows down. On the flip side, if a company hires experienced candidates then it will perhaps pay more to them,but its progress will certainly be manifold.     

Therefore, if a digital healthcare startup plans on doing something big then it would need to bring experienced employees on board. For hiring the right talent, entrepreneurs should possess good industry knowledge and analyzing skills so that they can easily narrow down on the right candidate.

  1. Using the Right Job Boards

For finding the right candidates, companies should utilize different modes besides gathering candidates’ information from standard job boards. In the digital age, companies should find candidates by conducting in-depth research on internet portals and social media platforms. More so, companies should gather data from reliable job boards such as,, Linkedin and Glassdoor.

Companies, as well as employees, are highly active on the aforementioned platform and thus, credible information about them can be found there.



  1. Become a Part of Networking Events

To create one’s contacts in the industry, it is vital to attend networking events. Networking events help an entrepreneur, as well as company personnel, to grow their connections. 

For digital healthcare startups, ascertaining  candidates become easy if they attend these networking events. Finding the right networking events is not difficult for entrepreneurs as the close friends and the internet help figure out the precise events which should be attended.

Apart from attending the networking events, entrepreneurs can also sponsor events and, in turn, promote their company among other attendees. Sponsorships help build a good profile of the company among experienced people and also, gather information about possible candidates if the company discusses its job openings in the event.  

  1. Advertising Job Openings on the Internet Portals

Besides advertising about job openings on job portals, digital healthcare companies can post them on healthcare blogs also. Media agencies usually have their specific newsletters, which are circulated on a daily or weekly basis and, in addition, they have their target specific audience.

Companies can add their job openings on these newsletters and thus, find better candidates easily. To get their job openings advertised in newsletters, companies need to approach editors of a specific healthcare blog or newsletter, place their requirement and ask for advertisement costs. If the advertisement cost is high, then it needs to be negotiated. Once the deal is finalized, an entrepreneur could share concise information regarding the job opening.

Healthcare startup owners should follow the aforementioned steps to get talented and experienced candidates.           





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