Companies Holding up Against COVID-19 by Going Virtual

Going virtual has become a new norm for many enterprises as the internet is bearing fruits
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  • Apr 29,2020
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The ongoing lockdown has impacted almost every industry from aviation to education segment. In gloomy times like this, companies are holding up against the storm and finding new ways to sustain it. Going virtual has become a new norm for many enterprises as the internet is bearing fruits. 

Leading B2B exhibition organizer, Informa Markets in India determined to come back to the arena of virtual expos. As lockdown has barred social and formal gathering across the country, it has become difficult to hold trade exhibitions. Thus, the company has come up with this plan of hosting virtual trade exhibitions, conferences, trainings and enhanced digital offerings, reported Press Trust of India. 

The digital platform of the exhibition organiser incorporates over 25 e-events. The e-events  was reintroduced to cater to the needs of the sectors that the company serves and also, enable professionals to withstand their critical business engagements. It offers seamless solutions that resolve contemporary issues posed by COVID-19 threats such as travel restrictions, social distancing, business continuity and safety measures. 

Advances in technology in the realm of virtual trade show softwares have paved the way for the exceedingly popular movement towards all-virtual trading experiences. Several factors make e-trade shows a viable, attractive and now, an inevitable part of exhibitions. These include optimizing efforts and resources, and convenience and ease of participation across geographies. The virtual trade shows are thus able to attract focused exhibitors and attendees creating a relevant online audience for brands to showcase their innovations and solutions to decision makers and influencers.

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