‘Close the Deal’ Program Initiated to Guide Entrepreneurs, MSMEs and Others

In the program, personal limitations were identified and resolved, disempowering mindsets and beliefs of an individual
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  • Dec 04,2021
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Business deals, whether small or large, are crucial opportunities for every entrepreneur. Apart from this, carrying forward a legacy is another vital thing for entrepreneurs today. Considering these areas, the ‘Close the Deal’ program was conducted by Antano & Harini. Various entrepreneurs, MSME leaders, and corporate professionals participated in the event. 

In the program, personal limitations were identified and resolved, disempowering the mindsets and beliefs of an individual. The participants were equipped with required mindset shifts, capabilities, strategies to identify hidden opportunities and close the most significant deal. Participants also acquired linguistic patterns used by world leaders to win the hearts of millions, the art of framing and invoking the right emotions, amongst others. 

"We need more entrepreneurs to revive the economy and create job opportunities in the country. Hence, Close The Deal, so that aspirants can have the required personal transformations, mindset shits and strategies in place to launch their ventures, secure top-notch mentoring, onboard the right talent, and more," Antano Solar John, Co-Creator of EIT, said.

The program helps close the right deal at the right value, be it finding the right mentor, onboarding the right talent or partner, is pivotal in time-compressing legacy outcomes.

Some of the EIT-enabled start-ups & EIT Entrepreneurs incubated by Antano & Harini are well-established names in the field of wellness, education, media, coaching, etc.

"With over 50,000 breakthroughs, we are the largest one-on-one mentoring platform in the world. Instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all' approach, we look at an individual and equip them with the changes that they need to personally evolve and time-compress, launching a unique legacy," Harini Ramachandran, Co-Creator of EIT, chimes in.

Legacy Accelerators, Antano Solar John & Harini Ramachandran are co-creators of excellence installations technology (EIT). The technology identifies and develops core capabilities one needs to launch a legacy and achieve in 3 years what would otherwise take 10-20 years.

The company is one of the leading mentoring platforms in the world. It claims to have worked with legends including Academy & Grammy Award winners, Padma Bhushan awardees, international-level athletes, billion dollar business owners, investors, actors, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, top executives from the Fortune 500 and more.

They are endorsed for their experience and understanding of human excellence by the co-creator of neuro-linguistic programming, Dr. John Grinder, and received the Award of Honour by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

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