Car Accessories’that are Highly Avoidable

Since the car modifying trend is on the rise, there are also some car accessories which don’t embellish the cars but instead increases the risk of fatalities
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  • Apr 09,2019
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In today’s enhanced lifestyle, personal vehicles have turned out as an essential medium to demonstrate one’s affluence. The expensive, high valuation of a car symbolizes ones’ wealth and taste for luxurious things. Besides purchasing a car, people splurge on modifying and customizing the cars internally.

Since the car modifying trend is on the rise, there are also some car accessories which don’t embellish the cars but instead increases the risk of fatalities. Many money-minded car accessories’ dealers sell such kinds of car accessories to customers for a profit. Even, the car owners don’t investigate the use of a particular accessory and buy it by getting allured with the product.

It is here that the car owners need to understand and know which car accessories should not be bought so as to enjoy safe driving.

  1. Poorly Fitted Steering Covers

The steering covers give an impressive look to the steering and thus, many car owners purchase them to decorate car’s steering. Owing to the excessive demand for automobile accessories, apart from original branded products, fake copies have also come out, which are sold at lesser prices.

Sometimes, car owners, being money conscious, purchase fake copies which are poorly fitted on steering and thus, increase possibilities of fatalities and loss of driver’s control. To avoid this problem, the car owners should purchase accessories only from authorized car accessories dealers.

  1. Yellow-coloured Headlamps

There are always a set of car owners who change the basic designs of the cars and modify them an extreme degree. Colouring a car’s headlamps is one of the bad car modifying practices that  car owners should avoid. By colouring the headlight in yellow or any other shade, the visibility of a car decreases in roads, and further makes car owners more prone to the accidents.

So, instead of changing the headlamp’s colour, the car owner should get the inner bulb of the headlight changed. This will enhance the visibility of the headlights, essentially during the nights.


  1. Floor Mats

Floor mats are primarily important in cars as it facilitates in keeping the floor clean. Further, it prevents the car floor from any physical damage such as scratches and water spillage. As a result, the car owners are advised to change car floor mats timely. Due to the availability of non-OEM mats in the market, many car owners procure those mats as they are less costly.

However, non-OEM mats have a disadvantage as well: they increase possibilities of mats sticking to the accelerator, in turn, leading to break failure. So, car owners should not compromise with their safety and purchase OEM mats only.

The aforementioned car accessories should not be purchased by the car owners and further, car accessories’ shop owners should educate the customers about safe and useful accessories.                 






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