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Business Survival Techniques for You

Companies are varying business operations, changing the pricing structures, employing digital payment methods and creating new delivery channels as well as services
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jul 27,2020

The pandemic has led companies to remodel themselves. The companies have realised that they need to stay relevant to the current situation in order to survive the crisis. They are now varying business operations, changing the pricing structures, employing digital payment methods and creating new delivery channels as well as services.  

Various small businesses have changed their business models so as to adapt with shifting customer behaviour during the pandemic. Leading the business is intimidating in the epidemic, thereby, survival becomes tough for a company. To help the companies, here is a list of survival techniques that the company can use. 

1. Start an Online Delivery Channel 

During the pandemic, when everyone is earnestly following the social distancing. It is equally important for the companies to take adequate safety measures. Considering this, the businesses can start offering products, as well as services, through the Internet. They can ensure that all products are properly sanitised and supplied through contactless delivery.

2. Start Offering Virtual Services 

The Internet has turned into a boon and thus, entrepreneurs are using it to offer virtual services. Yoga, gymming, and teaching are some of the virtual services provided by the companies. The trend should be followed by other entrepreneurs as well. Virtual element can be blended along with tangible services like real estate and education. The realtor can shot videos of real estate properties and share with customers rather than showing homes conventionally.  

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