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Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd has tied up with online delivery partner Zomato and delivery app Dunzo
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  • May 16,2020
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During this global pandemic, business minds are unveiling new strategies and ideas to stay buoyant. Deliverance of many commodities, which have been restrained earlier, has now been allowed by the Indian government. With this change, e-commerce companies are a bit ecstatic. On the flip side, others are still grappling to deliver products directly to the customers' door and in turn, developing new bonds with companies. Such business partnerships are wholly changing the product line of the companies that are collaborating together. 

Of late, Indian brand bottled water, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd has partnered with the online food delivery partner, Zomato and delivery app, Dunzo. With this association, Bisleri offers safe delivery of Bisleri products at the customers' door.

The partnership with delivery service providers is an extension of Bisleri’s Direct-to-home campaign to facilitate uninterrupted supply of Bisleri mineral water, Bisleri Vedica, Mountain water from the Himalayas, Bisleri Soda and range of fizzy fruit drinks - Limonata, Fonzo and Spyci to the consumers, PTI reported citing the company's official statement. 

"We are very happy to partner with leading delivery service providers who will help scale up our servicing ability and ensure consumers have access to the range of products from Bisleri at their homes. There is a growing demand for mineral water and fruit based drinks during summer and we are leveraging all distribution channels and delivery partners to enable safe and seamless doorstep delivery of our products," Angelo George, CEO at Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. said in the company's official statement.  

Collaboration is Helping in Supply of Bisleri’s Products

After joining hands with Zomato, Bisleri products are now delivered at customers’ place in 38 cities including Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Pune. While Dunzo will be rendering home deliveries in cities--Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennair and South Delhi--in the coming few days. Customers can ascertain Bisleri Vedica, Bisleri mineral water, Bisleri Soda and fizzy fruit drinks – Fonzo, Limonata and Spyci in the online  application. The available packs will be displayed in the app. 

Bisleri, which is one of the oldest brands of bottled water, is operational for more than 50 years in the country. The company is renowned for offering safe, pious and healthy water for human consumption. It asserts to have passed its product through a ten step purification process and 114 quality tests to ensure purity in every sip. 

MakeMyTrip Begins Offering Gourmet Services to Premium Hotels 

Online travel aggregator, MakeMyTrip has lately pronounced a new business vertical. The company has decided to offer food to 5-star hotels. It has stepped into the food delivery business, which is currently experiencing a setback due to the Coronavirus.

The travel aggregator has initiated an online gourmet delivery service and collaborated with premium hotel chains and independent properties across the country, according to Business Insider's report.

The company's proclamation has come when the travel and hospitality industry have been hit severely. Owing to the COVID-19, hotels are transforming into quarantine centres and travel is refrained by masses.

Zomato and Swiggy are presently ruling the food delivery segment. MMT's move comes after Bengaluru-based food aggregator Swiggy proclaimed its collaboration with Marriott hotels. The collaboration is named as Marriott on Wheels.

"Our new online gourmet delivery initiative is a step towards ensuring that food-lovers continue to enjoy their in-city fine-dining experiences by bringing their eating-out adventures to their homes," Deepak Tuli, Chief Business Officer at MakeMyTrip Emerging Businesses, said in the company's official statement.

In a similar vein, hospitality startup, OYO is planning to enter the food segment. According to media reports, OYO is planning to step into the ready-to-eat food segment, an addition to its present cloud kitchen network. 

At present, MMT has associated with JW Marriott and Roseate.

"The offering is available under the ‘Meals & Deals’ category on the home page and is being rolled out in phases on the android and iOS platform. In the coming weeks, the company plans to extend the new offering to other cities including Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune and others," the company said in its official statement.

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