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BuildPan Secures Seed Funding from HNIs

The Indore-headquartered application development and testing platform, BuildPan has lately secured a seed funding from high net individuals (HNIs) in the US, India and Japan
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jan 08,2020

The Indore-headquartered application development and testing platform, BuildPan has lately secured a seed funding from high net individuals (HNIs) in the US, India and Japan. The tech startup aids developers in examining, amalgamating and deploying applications. It will employ the funds to extend across the globe, and increase its team. 

The tech startup has not disclosed the funding sum that it has garnered from the investors.    

“Gone are the days when Mobile Applications were developed and shipped having time tolerance. As the competition has up-surged and so is the demand,” Shantanu Sharma, Founder and COO at BuildPan, said. 

Presently, the mobile app development industry is shifting constantly from #Agile to #DevOps mobile apps that are flooding  the market. Now, the customers ascertain the authenticity of the online platform that they are opting for along with assured accuracy. In this respect, Indore-based startup makes a difference. It reshapes and catalyses the Mobile Application Development ecosystem altogether.

Automation in this industry is undoubtedly knocking down the manpower and man-hours enhancing the mobile developer’s productivity, in turn, toughening the competition as well as brand, Sharma explains ever-shifting mobile development industry. 

"This is creating a transition from manual dependent process to automation reducing manual errors by 70-80 per cent, here comes the role of BuildPan (#PaaS) in the industry speeding up the whole ecosystem of mobile application development & meeting the requirements. BuildPan is reshaping & rediscovering the Mobile Application Development Industry,” Sharma added. 

Affordable App Innovation

The tech startup gives solutions that makes easier for website and application developers to innovate mobile apps efficiently as well as effectively. 

According to some anonymous sources, BuildPan has raised an aggregate of $200,000--INR 64 lakhs from seed investors and INR 80 lakhs from the company’s founders. 

In essence, the exercise of releasing an application from beginning till the end is not unified action. Among creating, examining, adapting and deploying to collect feedback from actual users; the process requires an extreme toil, even though for tech giants such as Microsoft, Infosys and TCS. 

“The space has a lot of innovation to build around,” says Yusho Kawata, partner at Elrise Corporation Inc. Japan, which led the investment for the round along with Sunil Kumar Singhvi and other HNIs. 

“I felt this platform has potential and its smart AI code analyser will help clients who are not technical to know the quality and tech audit of the code they receive from developers,” Kawata added.

Achieving an Early Success

The four-month-old company, BuildPan has presently spiked to $10,000 MRR in a mere 65 days, targeting to reach $100,000 in the present financial year (FY2020).

Shantanu Sharma, the co-founder of BuildPan, has worked along with some of the biggest companies in the industry. In his career, he figured that the exercise of mobile app development is effective and gradually, realised that the app development on competing systems was not doing good as well.

BuildPan makes use of cloud backend and useable interface that renders developers quick feedback that is very useful than what was formerly available through email, such as highlighted screenshots of applications being used and ‘“instant reply”’ reports that can show a video log of what the user was doing up to 15 seconds before the app crashed. It also tells developers which line of code needs polish, according to the company’s official statement.  

Growing Mobile Apps Usage

With the advent of the internet and smartphones, software developers invested in making mobile applications, addressing problems and easing the lifestyle of the customers. Tapping the mobile apps industry, in turn, increased competition as many app developers stepped in. The segment of app development is extremely enticing. According to the data science firm, Statista, “ In the future, app developers expect there will be a strong market for an even greater range of electronic devices than tablets and smartphones, expanding to include televisions, connected cars, game consoles, and VR devices.”

The report also states that on average, there are more than 30 thousand new apps submitted to the iTunes App store alone each month and still more written for competing platforms such as Android and Windows. By mid 2016, around 130 billion apps had been downloaded from the Apple App store worldwide and approximately 65 billion apps had been downloaded from Google Play. In the past, the market has been dominated by apps that are free to download and this appears likely to continue in the future. Generally, such apps make their profits through advertising, sponsorship, the possibility for in app purchases or paid extensions or upgrades. A significant share of users seems to be to upgrade to a paid version of an app. Some of the most popular apps around the world, that also happen to be free for the user, include; Google Maps, Facebook Mobile App, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.

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