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Becoming A Successful Car Trader

To ease the bumpy ride, the entrepreneur should follow important business guidelines which enable to reduce problems.
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Apr 08,2019

The used car business is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to administer a simple business. Primarily, dealing in used cars can be profitable, as well as striving, for entrepreneurs, depending on one’s marketing skills and persuasion.

A used car business incorporates buy and sale of second-hand cars at a profit. Apart from being a lucrative business, there are various drawbacks in the business. Unlike the car showrooms wherein brand new cars are sold, a trader in used-car business sells only pre-owned cars and thus, it becomes difficult to find good customers. Secondly, the trader has to sell the car soon as with progressing time, valuation of the car decreases and correspondingly, the possibility of its wearing out increases. Seeing these difficulties, it becomes a challenging job for a first-time entrepreneur to pursue the used car business in the automobile segment. To ease the bumpy ride, the entrepreneur should follow important business guidelines which enable to reduce problems.

  1. Research automobile market

In order to initiate the used car business, it is vital to understand the automobile market in depths so that the entrepreneur can know the best ways to sell a car. Further, the entrepreneur should apprehend the current demands of car models and accordingly, deal in pre-owned cars.

For apprehension of the automobile industry, the entrepreneur can study statistical data of the car industry and also, read renowned magazines in the automobile segment. By grasping the knowledge, it will become easy to decipher the complex system of car trading and valuation. Following this, the entrepreneur can focus on commencing the business.

  1. Create a business plan

 Since the trade will be in pre-owned cars, it is essential to gauge personal cost in the business. Once the business cost is calibrated, only then the entrepreneur can decide out as to which cars he wants to deal in and what amount he wants to pay out for used cars.

After these estimations, a crucial moment comes wherein the entrepreneur has to modify or improve four-wheelers so as to get a better price. These costs incorporate from maintenance to modifying the car. By adding all car-related expenses, the entrepreneur decides price valuation of the car and following this, a blueprint is prepared to approach and attract customers.

  1. Get the used car business licensed

If one wants to operate the business from home, then he/she can do that without establishing an office. Though, licensing the business is mandatory for at-home business as well as at-office business.

The individuals, who plan to operate the business from an office, should not only get the business registered but also get motor trade insurance for the vehicles. By insuring the vehicles, the business gets safeguarded against unforeseen events. To know about the motor trade business, the entrepreneur should contact banks and other finance-related bodies.

All these steps should be followed for strategic business planning.


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