Ayurvedic Business: A New Horizon For Investments

Ayurvedic business good business opportunity to invest in. The Indian Ayurvedic Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 16.0% over the next decade, reveals World Ayurvedic Market & Analysis Trend Report.
  • BY Dr. Ravisha Narasimha Murthy

    Ayurved Doctor & Director, Murthy Ayurved Clinic

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  • Sep 28,2017
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Ayurveda Business is a promising industry; Ayurveda, which has been for thousands of years serving humanity, has seen the times changing and the values remaining unchanged. This is particularly evident with a number of people showing interest in the science. The numbers of graduates who graduate every year have steadily increased and are ready to serve the society, as well as the change in perception of people’s mind about Ayurveda from being a slow and relatively old-fashioned medicine to a life saviour in many life-threatening conditions.

5 Quick points on Ayurvedic Business:

  1. A rich place for investments and amazing returns
  2. Well known brands offering returns up to 25-30%
  3. Ayurveda industry has grown very well over the last 2 decades
  4. Has remained immune to the 2008 recession, but has grown in positive terms during the difficult times
  5. Ayurveda as the industry is still growing and has a place for newer players like Patanjali in the market. R&D is a promising sector to invest keeping the future in mind

Ayurveda industry is a rich place for investments and amazing returns; some of the well-established brands offering returns up to 25-30% and on top of it; the breakeven period less than 18 months, is making the business very attractive to the businessmen.  Wellness industry did not get affected by the recession of 2008 and in-turn grew positively during the period. Ayurveda industry has grown very well over the last 2 decades; both in India and abroad; thanks to the popularisation of Ayurveda by Kerala, Karnataka state governments along with the ministry of tourism – Government of India. With the conventional medicines failing to treat the new age medical conditions; people are turning to the alternative medicine systems and the well-known alternative system of the medicine is Ayurveda.

The recent success of Patanjali emerging as a giant in the Ayurveda industry amongst pretty old brands such as Dabur, Zandu, Baidyanath and Himalaya has shown that Ayurveda as the industry is still growing and has a place for newer players in the market. R&D activities are happening at the all-time high in the industry which promises to bring out effective medicines in the near future. Ayurveda medical devices and equipment are another industry which is at its infant stage and has a huge potential to grow.

For anybody to invest in Ayurveda industry one can choose from a wide variety of options; from a retail outlet which only sells Ayurveda medicines, Ayurveda Therapy Clinics, Medicine manufacturing units, Research & Development, medical devices and equipment for Ayurveda hospitals; one can invest from as low as 10 lakhs and expect returns of about 20-25%.

One area of the Ayurveda industry which can impact the future is the Research and Development sector as it is a very promising area of investment and there is a very good need of uniquely designed tools and equipment/devices.

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