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Augment Your Business with Right Email Marketing Campaign

Increase connectivity with your customer by employing an effectual email marketing campaign
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Oct 12,2018

With the inception of the digital era, human lives have infused with hi-tech gadgets and tools. These things are simply boons of the digital era, which has eased the human life altogether. Today, people are adhering to technical data to access information and even, send personalized messages to others. The old ways of writing letters and telegrams are not practised anymore as people have upgraded themselves along with the advancing time. So, letters and telegrams are old things now. E-mail (electronic mail) and messenger applications have substituted the traditional letters. Essentially, the new e-mail is a fast, secure and cost-effective source of sharing information.

As a result, many people and organizations have employed it and thus, decreased the use of paper. Besides sharing information, companies are utilizing email service for marketing as well. Through email marketing, companies try to promote their product and hence, target potential customers. This strategy had worked well at the beginning of the digitalized era. However, with the passing time, the strategy has outdated.

Why is it Important to Possess Email Etiquettes and Email Marketing Tools?

Now, email marketing has become a specialized arena, wherein marketers can approach customers by sending email letters. For that, all they need is to follow email etiquettes and email marketing tools while approaching customers. In case of non-adherence of these norms, it is definite that customers will reject a companys product on the first sight. Furthermore, the customer will avoid opening email of the particular marketer in the future.

In order to approach customer via online medium, it is important for a company to segment email list. Basically, segmentation is dividing a certain thing into parts or sections. This kind of division aids in listing products and services according to their category. Many companies dont focus on segmenting process and jumps to the final level that is, sending out emails or newsletters. Without examining the potency of the strategy, it becomes ineffectual to send out emails.

Learn How to Improve Email Marketing Strategy

In order to improve your email marketing strategy, adopt some new changes in the strategy:

  1. Add Subscriber Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way to engage customers interest in your product. Basically, everyone is comfortable in answering questions via quizzes until questions are addressed on a general level. Through quizzes, a company can know about customers preferences, likes and dislikes, and thus, it can segment email list accordingly.

  1. Embody Behavioural Segmentation

Behavioural segmentation is a fresh, new way of approaching and promoting ones product. In this strategy, you need to understand a customers behaviour and accordingly, approach him. Herein, the behavioural study involves various stages as it would be difficult to grasp customers behaviour at once.

For instance- for online businesses, connecting to customers would involve tracking their movement on the webpage. On the basis of that, the company can send automated emails after momentarily identifying the behaviour of the customer. The email could be in relation to anything that customer had searched on the website. However, it is noteworthy to use quality content within emails so as to bring a positive impact on potential customers.

  1. Send Opt-In Surveys

Surveys are an effective way to gain insight into your customers. By attaching opt-in surveys, you can gather important information about customers which, in turn, could help fortify customer rapport.

To begin this strategy, you would need to merge surveys along with opt-in gifts. Hence, customers need to take the survey so as to avail the gift.

By implementing these changes, your email marketing strategy will definitely improve and yield good results.

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