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Preschools Market- India

The importance of preschool education in the country
BY Shrishti Rai
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Aug 30,2017


A study suggests that almost 80% of the brain development occurs since birth to age 6th making this period a very crucial time of ones life as development is very fast which directly affects the whole life. Thus, is becoming a very important factor to send a child to play school in early years and is currently trending in various parts of the country.

For an efficient development of a childs brain, it is important that they perfect learning environment, good teachers and proper nutrition. Failure in providing these essentials may lead to a lesser healthy child, with average or low IQ. This will negatively influence higher studies and professional life of children in future.

Unavailability of Preschools for everyone

According to report by UNICEF out of 74 million children, falling into the age group of 3-6 years in India, About 20 million didnt go to pre-school and most of them belonged to disadvantaged and marginalised sections of the society. This either may be due to unaffordability of such schools by parents or unavailability in their particular area.

State of the World Children Report-2016 which was released globally by UNICEF, around 34 per cent Muslim children, 25.9 per cent Hindu and 25.6 per cent from Christian children could not attend pre-school.

Lack of access to pre-school education has a long-term impact on learning capabilities of a child.

Expected Growth in the Sector

Market research analysts at Technavio predicted that the preschool or childcare market in India will grow remarkably during the 2016-2022 with a CAGR of about 22% by 2020. Low regulatory formalities required in the country before starting a preschool or childcare center is one of the key drivers of growth in this market. The rise has been witnessed in competition between students to safeguard their admissions in renowned schools will encourage parents in the direction of providing quality education to their children from the start. This will push the number of student enrollments in preschools as parents look at education as a primary need. Furthermore, other requirements such as license and infrastructure are also unregulated, and there is an absence of any federal authority to supervise preschools orchildcare centers. In addition, the monetary requirement of very low, loans available on low-interest rates by the bank, and the capability to expand to other parts of the country and world through the route of franchising.

Segmentation of Preschools

In India, the preschools are divided into sub categories depending upon various factors duration of time children spend in the school the ages group it is available to.

  • Daycare Centres

Day care centres are a type of preschools where children stay for the whole day since morning to evening. The daycare centres focus on academic as well as lifestyle education. Initial academic education is given such as knowledge of alphabets and numbers. The etiquettes of children are also kept in mind like eating habits and manners. Students engage in learning, playing and extra-curricular activities. There is a rest time when children sleep during the as a part of their routine. Parents take their children home at the end of the day after work. This arrangement is basically for the convenience working parents.

  • Nurseries

Children visit the nurseries for 2-3 hours. Here they are imparted primary educational lessons with the help of games and extracurricular activities. Character building is also focused upon in these places. Usually, children of 2 to three and a half are admitted in a nursery.

  • Crches

In Crches, very small children of 6 months to 3 years are sent by their parents to be taken care of while they work. Infants are taken care of in a very motherly way; the employees of the crche look after all the needs starting from being fed. Grown up children are imparted basic knowledge.


There is a consistent need for more play schools as the number of children attending them is increasing year after year. Thus, there is a huge scope of investment in these initial learning platforms.

Looking at the huge potential for growth in the market will attract various international schools and kindergartens into the country. This will result in a noteworthy change in the curriculum. Since the international curriculum is beneficial for children to experience from numerous activities along with learning which eventually helps in the development of overall character. There will be a spike in the interest of parents in combined learning of foreign and Indian educational system. This will encourage players in the market to adopt internationalpre school curriculums and style.

There have been numerous cases of sexual and physical abuse of children attending preschools; theNational Commission for Protection of Child Rightshas come up withguidelines in order to regulate private play schools. This will help in standardising these schools and making them safer for the children.

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