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How chatbots helps in business development?

Chatbots introduced a new way to satisfy customer with instant response and market a product to help in business development.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jul 17,2017

In this new era of technological growth, chatbots innovation being made to ease the pain of interaction that online businesses are facing today. The sole purpose of the chatbots is to support businesses in interacting with the customers and solving their queries. Many chat applications have been introduced after knowing the importance that they have in developing a business. Some major chat applications that are being used the most at present are Facebook Messenger, snapchat, Whatsapp, WeChat, etc.

Every e-commerce platform is using chatbots to help their customers 24/7 and provide the best service they could for their problems. Chatbots contain recorded a message as per the commands are given by businesses related to the services and diversified products they provide, to help customers know more about them and their product/services.

Chatbots have helped to replace the human's stress in the most efficient and effective way. As humans, we can only deal with one customer query at one time but chatbots handle any number of queries at the same time with its 24/7 services.

According to statista researched report, in 2016, 133.1 million mobile phone users in India accessed over-the-top messaging apps to communicate. This figure is projected to grow to 230.5 million users in 2020. This means a business can use a chatbot to market its product and services for further development.

Chatbots provide various applications that could amplify business operations:

Easy to access:

Before the introduction of chatbots, businesses used to provide customer care service through calling while operator keeps a customer on hold in connecting with customer care service. Customers get frustrated due to the inefficiency of delay in response from the customer care executive. Now, chatbots are replacing these old methods and help in providing an instant response to customer query at any time.

Customer Handling Capacity:

Chatbots can handle multiple customers simultaneously unlike humans who focus on one customer at a time. No matter how many people are trying to contact your business, you just have to provide one-time necessary commands that could solve their diversified queries. Having a chat bot would eliminate the problem of handling different clients at the same time.

Flexible Attribute:

Chatbots are flexible in nature that provides solutions to customer queries; an entrepreneur has to just train the bots by giving the right conversation structure and flow to switch its current field of business.

Customer Satisfaction:

Chatbots are bound with rules and instructions given by the user. As humans are bound to change of emotions but chatbots does not reflect any type of emotion to a customer and treat them with the best services always. Businesses will be able to satisfy their customers with the most efficient and cost effective way.

Alternate sales channel:

Chatbots are the alternate way of selling a business product because they deal with the number of customers and enlighten them with the information about the services and product a business provides. E-commerce is growing day by day and with an increase in growth the customer database is enhancing, to handle their queries chat bots are the best way to provide information solutions.


Chatbots have a myriad number of applications, even more than the above mentioned for business development. Above information has shown that more and more people are comfortable to chat rather than call and emails. Businesses must use these chat bots to interact with their customers and provide them with instant response service for their queries for customer satisfaction. The reason for exploding popularity of these chatbots is the rise of mobile messenger users. It would greatly improve a business revenues and operations development. With advancement in technology, its safe to say, let us be ready to embrace and integrate chat bots revolution with our businesses.

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