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7 Common Challenges that Entrepreneur Face

Entrepreneur have to overcome these common challenges in order to find success in their business.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jul 06,2017

Entrepreneurs have to face many challenges at each and every step of business. Many entry barriers are set up by the existing or established businesses in the industry so that no other start-up could be able to grow or capture their market share.

These challenges that an entrepreneur face help to tackle any business problems that might occur in future. More the experience an entrepreneur has, more the growth a business will have in future.

If you are an entrepreneur and starting a new business then you must know these basic challenges that an entrepreneur face and how to overcome them.


To initiate anything the first step is need of capital that will assist in running a business. Major stress entrepreneurs have is to generate capital for their firm which can be done by attracting investors or through lenders. is a platform that made it possible to connect with investors and lenders to gain capital for your business.

Instability and Risk

Instability and risks are a part of a business that occurs while functioning of a business. Many forms of risks are there that an entrepreneur has to handle like financial risk, political risk, investment risk, environmental risks, etc. Instability is also a part of business as a market is unstable, there could be inflation and depression period also that an entrepreneur must be prepared to face. These risks and instability can be overcome from proper strategic planning and future trends prediction. An entrepreneur must be ready for any hurdle that might occur as risks are uncertain. Mentors are also a source of guidance and provide solutions from their experiences if any entrepreneur faces any problem.


A common challenge of networking is generally faced by new entrepreneurs. Networking is a way to business growth and to have networks with right supplier, producer, distributor, a broker will only lead to a proper functioning of a business. To overcome this challenge incubators and mentors are the solutions, they help an entrepreneur to develop skills and in the formation of useful networks present in the industry. Now to find a right incubator or mentor is not a difficult task, provides access to various suitable incubators and mentors.

Team Building

Selecting a team for managing your start-up is a difficult task but if an entrepreneur has any management experience, then he will be able to build a capable team to achieve business goals effectively and efficiently. Generally, to form a capable team one has to consider all these factors like cost, the culture they fit in, etc. But these all factors are difficult to consider at the start as there is need fill required positions and start functioning properly.

Business Growth

Every entrepreneur wants to grow their business and generate good revenues as planned but if targets do not meet the expected goals, then it puts the entrepreneur in a tough spot. To overcome this entrepreneur must plan for future, do proper decision making and also take guidance from mentors. Business value benefits in depicting the growth of a business. made it easy to measure business value by providing Business Valuation Calculator in coordination with BizEquity.

Cash Flow Management

In India, it is essential to manage cash flow, especially for SMEs survival. Yet many entrepreneurs struggle to pay bills on time while they are waiting for checks to arrive. Generally, all transactions in SMEs take place on a lending basis which makes it difficult for some organisations to run perfectly if they have insufficient capital. To overcome this proper budgeting and planning in cash flow management is necessary and maintain some surplus for any uncertainty.

Delegating Authority

Entrepreneurs have to delegate authority by assigning work to each employee as per their qualification and sometimes they have to outsource but if the work is not done properly then they have to redo it. This challenge can be overcome only by properly analysing work and the skills of employee perfect for the job, then assign work, it is a time-consuming but effective method.

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