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8 Food Business Ideas Pick Up Steam This Year

Seeking business opportunity in the food industry then here are some ideas that may grow this year.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Jan 18,2018

In India food business never goes out of demand so thats why more and more people are getting interested in this business opportunity. But to start a successful business a proper research and market analysis is essential. Once you found the business idea and understood the market then you should decide how you will venture into it whether you will buy an existing business or start a new one.

The best option is to buy a running business as it is already in demand so you know how much profit you can lift up in a year but if you go for a startup then you will face the challenge of raise funding, preparing documentation, etc. If you want to buy a running business then you can always search on online networking portals like BusinessEx.

The food industry is one of the emerging industries which grows exceptionally and offers a lot of business opportunities. So lets find out a good business opportunity that may pick up steam this year.

8 Business opportunities in Food Industry

Juice biz

In India, a major chunk of the population is becoming health conscious and focusing towards their fitness. The product juice is considered as the healthy drink for all fitness freaks so venturing into this business opportunity is a good idea. The more the people become fitness cautious the more the demand will be for juice. So if you are planning to buy a juice business then make sure you buy in a prime location which this platform offers.

Fast food chain

Fast food is the demand of todays youth and in this country over 50 percent population are in this category so planning to venture into this opportunity is worth it. This opportunity will only rise in this year as people are consuming major amount out fast food in their daily lives.

Theme cafe

This is a trending business opportunity that is profitable in tier I and tier II cities especially. More people are engaging in this business opportunity as people are getting more interested in the infrastructure of the cafe as well as their service. If you are planning to start a cafe of your own then you can look out for opportunities on this platform.

Prime location restaurant

A restaurant is only profitable if it is in a prime location which is hard to find a place nowadays so the best thing that you can do is buy a running restaurant at the choice of location that you want from BusinessEx. This opportunity is the best suited for everyone as people from all walks of life are interested in going this place.

Food Cart

A food cart is a small scale business idea which is suitable for those who wish to run on their own and want to begin with a small investment. A business like this will always grow if you understand the market and provides the product customer needs.

Mineral water supplier

Water is the basic necessity which is also a profitable business opportunity as in food business water is the major source of consumption so if you wish to start a small business then you can become a water supplier. The clients you can target are restaurants, cafe, bakery, etc.


It was hard to get clients in this business thats why many of the entrepreneurs dropped this opportunity but now through engaging platforms that is not the problem anymore. The demand is high for this business as every now and then people need a caterer to carry out their occasion. You should start this business by buying a running one in order to reduce the hardship of beginner. For buying a business online networking platform like BusinessEx is the most suited option.

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