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7 Low Investment Business Opportunities in India

Finding low cost investment opportunity to start your business in then below are some ideas for you to explore.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Mar 06,2018

India is a diverse country where you can find varied business opportunities in different sectors. Doing business in India is much simpler now as you can buy a running business in any industry and at any location as per your needs. If you are tensed about the investment required in buying a business then you should scout for business opportunities on online networking portals like BusinessEx. Here are some low investment business ideas that you can look for.

7 Low investment business opportunities are:

  1. E-commerce portal

    E-commerce portals are the part of the new era as customers are more interested to do shopping from these portals instead of going to market. This business opportunity is hard to find one so it is better that you grab it if you find it. There are a lot of ideas in which you can start your e-commerce portal, for example, a platform for beauty and cosmetics products, jewellery items, fashion mart, mobile selling platform, etc.

  1. Florist

    The need of a florist will never go away in the Indian market as flowers are used by Indians in all type of festivals, for decoration purposes, etc. Florist shop is a good business idea in which you will not need huge investment so if you are planning to buy one then make sure you have it in a prime location.

  1. Pre-School

    Pre-school business opportunity is a good idea if you plan to start small. In India, the schools are very few as compared to a number of students so starting a pre-school will be fruitful only if you open it at a place where there is a need for it. But to open a pre-school in a prime location you will need to buy a running school which you will find on BusinessEx.

  1. Broking Company

    You can buy a brokerage firm in any industry of your choice. There are a lot of options available which you can look out for while searching for a brokerage firm. If you have contacts in real estate or in any other sector then it will be beneficial for you to buy a business in that segment.

  1. Supermarket

    A supermarket is a marketplace where products for basic needs are easily available. This business can prosper in residential areas as everyone needs someplace to buy products required to sustain their daily lives.

  1. Franchise

    Buying a franchise is the best low-cost opportunity as you get the goodwill of the company as well as standards of the company so you already have an edge than other startups. It depends on you which franchise option you want as you can find myriad options on BusinessEx.

  1. Home Services

    A home servicing business is a low investment business idea which anyone can start. These business services help in making a home more comfortable so there is demand for it. The services could be like sofa dry cleaning, AC servicing, etc. If you are interested then all you need to do is buy a running business and with it, you will get a team as well as customers.


There are a lot of business opportunities which requires low investment if you try to scout on BusinessEx online networking portal. But the decision is on you as an interest of investors differs as per their own needs. If you are planning to buy a business then which one would you prefer? Comment in the below section.

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