6 Top Business Ideas for Post-COVID 19 Scenario

With the onset of Coronavirus, people’s lifestyle has dramatically changed and also, business ideas for Post-Corona across the world
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  • Sep 16,2020
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With the onset of Coronavirus, people’s lifestyle has dramatically changed. From being outdoorsy, people have begun preferring to stay indoors and indulge in other indoor activities. This shift has affected businesses across the globe. As a result, entrepreneurs are now looking for the best business ideas post Corona.

With the changing customers’ behaviour, their preferences have changed and also, business ideas across the world. Here are some of the top business ideas for Post-COVID 19 scenario. 

1. Online Tuition 

Homeschooling has become one of the effective substitutes of school education. Parents are not willing to send their children to school or tuition classes in person. They are rather willing to pay a bit high for online tuitions. 

Tutors can make use of this opportunity and begin offering virtual classes. These classes can be offered through Zoom, Google Duo, Zoho Meeting and GoToWebinar, etc. The tutors can charge according to the time they teach. It is not important that one needs to be good in academic subjects to offer online tuitions but if one has other talents like painting, drawing, and calligraphy, then such things can be also taught online. 

2. Digital Marketing Business 

During this adversity, technology has turned into a boon for every entrepreneur. When offline sales were decreasing, entrepreneurs made use of the technology and created online platforms or stores, thereby, started serving products as well as services online. Transition of companies from offline to online has become mainstream in almost every sector. 

While stepping into the virtual realm, the companies also invest into online marketing tools to get prominence. It is where digital marketing comes into play; digital marketing is a broad term that cascades into content marketing, SEO, pay per click and so on. After taking a digital marketing course, one can start offering digital marketing services to small and medium-sized companies. It is one of the best business ideas in Post Corona and will certainly stay in demand in the offing. 

3. Online Grocery Business 

Due to safety reasons, people are now preferring to order essentials items online rather than buying it physically. As a result, download of online grocery apps has increased tremendously. Taking this cue, one can start hyperlocal online grocery business and start offering essential food items at customers' doorstep. 

Food being a basic amenity, has stable or high demand during the lockdown and post-lockdown also. Entrepreneurs should consider this and therefore, start working on this business idea. 

4. Online Pharmaceutical Business  

In recent times, it had become difficult to ascertain medicines owing to the lockdown. People were scared of stepping outside in order to not catch the virus or were quarantining themselves due to minor ailments. As a result, they started ordering from online pharmacies. Although lockdown has been lifted off completely, people are still ordering from online pharmacies. 

Using this opportunity, entrepreneurs can initiate an online pharmacy store as it is one of the best business ideas in Post-Corona. One needs to have a pharmacist license, piles of medicines and a platform to start an online pharmacy.  

5. Online Fitness and Wellness Business 

Similar to other businesses, gyms and fitness centers have been severely impacted by the pandemic. This led to the shutdown of several small and big fitness centres across the country. However, people's inclination towards fitness has not decreased an inch. Rather, they started subscribing to online fitness apps and maintain a balance between their mind, soul and health.

Entrepreneurs having experience in the fitness realm can start offering virtual fitness classes via an app. Seeing the growing interest of millennials, the fitness and wellness business will certainly become the best Post-Corona business ideas in India now. 

6. Consulting Firms 

As small and medium-sized companies are adopting digitization, there are obstacles in this transition. Many organizations find it difficult in embracing technology fully and seek consulting firms to help them out. 

A consulting firm facilitating digitization process is one of the best post-Corona business ideas in India. If some entrepreneurs have immense experience in technology and automation, then they can deploy in the utmost manner by establishing a consulting firm. 

These post-Corona business ideas are profitable as well as effective. They would not require a lot of structuring apart from a knack for technology. Entrepreneurs holding specialization in technology and other diverse fields, can opt for these business ideas. The business ideas will operate seamlessly in the offing and would be less likely to come down. 

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