6 tips to get investors on board

An entrepreneur always finds it hard to get an investor on board in the initial stage so there are a few things that must be taken care of to increase the probability of raising investment.
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  • Feb 19,2018
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Investment is the capital that a business requires to run its daily operation and future plans so it is essential that an entrepreneur finds an investor as soon as possible. It is not a difficult task to get an investor on board if you know what to do before pitching an investor. Investors are like the customers who seek for the benefits that they will get by investing in the business. Although it is undetermined whether the business will succeed or not but you need to make sure that investors look at the positive side in order to convince them.

Here are 6 tips that will help you in getting an investor on board.

Focus on R&D

The first thing that you need to do is focus on research and development of your business. If you know your market environment and know how to work in it then it will increase the probability of getting an investor. But research on business environment is not enough as you also need to find out investors who are interested in the industry your business is catering in. An investor who actively invested in a similar business like yours will be more interested in your business so you need to make a track of record as who invested in whom.

Display figures and analytics

No one wants commitment without any practicality in it so you need to prepare an analytics chart which should display the likeliness of your business growth. If an investor sees that there are growth prospects then he/she will be willing to invest in your business.

Business plan

A business plan can take you to the halfway of getting an investment. A business plan is a descriptive form of business which tells what the business can achieve, whether it has potential to grow or not, is it worth investing or not. If you have prepared a business plan then make sure that you do a demo in front of your mentor or some other person who can give you valuable insight.

Investment utilisation

This is one of the basic questions that investors ask an entrepreneur so be ready for it. The question is how you plan to use the investment. You must understand the investor’s perspective before answering this question as it could lead a win for you.


Besides business strength and weakness an investor also looks for entrepreneur skills and ability. The reason behind that is an investor invests in entrepreneur’s capability to take a business to new heights and bring in a good rate of return so you must be prepared mentally and physically to take this challenge.

Build relationship

Before raising funds an entrepreneur should always build a bond with an investor so they both agree on the same page and there is a better understanding of what’s the best course of action for the business. Building relationship is always an advantage as it builds entrepreneur and investor trust to work side by side.


There are tough times in entrepreneur’s life when they try to get investors on board but unable to do so. There is no need to give up as one can always find an investor through online networking portals like BusinessEx.

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