6 Businesses That You Can Start from Your Phone

People, who aspire to become an entrepreneur, do not need a computer; they can now easily start their business from a phone
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  • May 18,2021
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In today’s time, starting a business has become less daunting. With the help of the Internet and gadgets, one can easily establish an online business with less capital. Talking about gadgets, computers are a prerequisite to kick start as well as manage a business. However, there are fewer businesses that can get off the ground without computers. One only needs a smartphone to operate or manage the business. 

Start a Business from Your Phone

Many people, who aspire to become an entrepreneur, do not have a computer; they only have a smartphone. It is mostly perceived that computers or laptops are essential to start a business although it is wrong. Some businesses can be started through smartphones as well. Here is a list of businesses that can be managed through smartphones. In addition, you will learn how to start these businesses from your phone.

Re-sale Business 

You can purchase second-hand items from thrift stores or garage stores, revamp those items and sell them online at much higher prices. At present, several websites help you to sell products online. One such website is Ebay, which helps sell your goods to the customers. 

Social Media Agency 

Small, as well as large companies, require social media professionals to handle their social media. Rather than hiring full-time professionals, they look for social media agencies who can work for them. By setting up a social media agency, you can act as a social media manager for these brands and interact with their followers. 

To do this process, you would not require a computer or laptop. You can easily manage social media accounts through your cell phone. In recent times, people are massively consuming social media on their phones. This aspect is taken into notice while creating apps, thus, forming mobile-friendly applications. 

To become social media manager, you have to connect with brands. It would not be difficult to secure your first offer as there are hundreds and thousands of brands available that require someone to manage their social media.

Customer Support Service

Brands presently require people to communicate with their clients and offer a smooth customer service experience. If you have a phone, it will become easier to connect with clients. For this, you would not require any other gadget; all you need to do is answer the phone and converse with customers. 

Rendering customer service support is a great business opportunity for you. Some companies have recently allowed customers to text them, which produces another business opportunity for you

Drop Shipping Business 

In this, you will sell products to customers but would not store products. Instead, you will procure goods from a third party and then, directly ship them to customers. You can effortlessly start and manage a dropshipping business with your phone.

Firsty, you should set up an online store, then you have to promote it on social media with Google Ads and other relevant details. It is comparatively easier to do this process on a computer but one can do it on a smartphone as well. 

Consulting Business 

Consulting is a huge niche and thus, comprises a wide variety of businesses. In essence, people or customers pay you for your expertise and guidance. So, if there is something you are good at or you have a bounty of experience in any field, then employ that knowledge and render facilities to other people.  

This is something you can do with a phone. You can use social media to attract clients. Then, you can work with these clients by conducting in-person meetings or converse on phones or through emails. 

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