5 work-life balance tips for the budding entrepreneurs

Does work-life balance help people to be more productive. Work is definitely your priority but don’t skip family or friends time. Read to know more
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To reach on top of any industry, every entrepreneur has to work for long hours and deal with difficult situations. But working too much can be one of the reasons for your startup failure. In a research by Harvard Business School shows that employees who believe they do not have time for the personal life feel drained and distracted while working long hours. In addition, the spillover of negative aspect of work into an employee’s personal life can lead to job exhaustion, disruption of relationships with family and friends, loss of enjoyment and increased stress.

So many entrepreneurs chose self-employment  to get better life for themselves on their own terms. They are always on the job, no matter whether its day or night. So, how do these workaholics maintain their work-life balance? It’s never easy to do so. Let’s see what these entrepreneurs has to say about this and how do they manage their work and life scenario

Not just your work but schedule your life too

Make a proper schedule to manage your work and personal life. Don’t mix them. Rahul Rattu, Founder of Shoed Up, says, “ Being a boss is never easy. You have to sacrifice a lot of things which include family time. But later I realized spending time with your loved ones and also the activities that you love recharges you and add value to your life. You will start appreciating the little things in life. Just learn to manage your time well. So, later you don’t have to cancel on others.”

Less stress, more happiness

Working 80 hours in a week, trying your best to get funds, all these are fine but set some boundaries. If you are out with your family, then don’t start working or pick your calls from work. Lakshya Fomra, Founder of PostMoji says, “Maintaining work-life balance is not as easy as it sounds. But I can suggest one thing that I too follow that is, never make yourself available at all hours. Set your time and stick to them. This will help you and also keep the work stress away for some time.” With this principle you will grow more with lesser stress.

Try to learn something new

Age is just a number. With busy schedules try to spend some time on learning something new. Take guitar lessons, swimming classes etc, which interests you, the most. “Frankly, I got bored of the same routine, due to work pressure I couldn’t spend much time on extra activities. So, I decided to spend some time on football, it’s one of my favourite  sports and I was not able to watch it. So every Friday and Saturday, I made it compulsory to watch and learn something new from it. You can also try some classes or do meditation. And never bring work at home, never.” Rattu said. By trying thing you can have a life outside your office as well and if you have to pay for those classes then definitely you will go there.

Proper sleep is necessary to maintain work-life balance

According to snore nation, the average adult needs at least seven hours of sleep every night. Skipping sleep for a day or twice won’t kill you but it will definitely hamper your productivity. Fomra also agrees with this. He says, “Not only sleep but healthy food or snacks is also important. As it’s a known fact that ‘Heath is wealth’. Always keep some snacks in your computer desk or wherever you work. If possible take a 15 min nap. Trust me, that will refresh you like never before.” You cannot ignored these facts about sleeping and food habits. To have a healthy work-life balance you need to follow a proper routine.

Family, Friends, work, say no more!

Work is definitely your priority but don’t skip family or friends time. You might think about, how your friends are using their day off. In that case, take a day off and meet them. “I never mix up my profession with my personal life. I try to make plans after work and create similar schedules just like my friends.” Rattu said.

If you can schedule your meetings and time, you can easily maintain work-life balance. Make sure that you are putting yourself first before anything. If you are happy and satisfied, then yes you are doing it the right way.

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