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5 Unique Businesses for Investment

Here are few business ideas that are worth investing in this competitive economy.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Feb 26,2018

With the increasing competition in all the industries, it is difficult to find something unique business opportunity. It is essential that there is a need for the business opportunity you plan to invest in order to find success. There are a lot of options that one seeks before investing but when you need to select from few options it is much easier. If you are planning to invest in a business then here are a few business ideas from which you can select for your investment.

5 Business Opportunities for Investment

Pollution mask manufacturing

In India, the pollution is constantly rising because of misuse of resources and many other reasons. Delhi which is the capital of this country is considered as the second most polluted city in the world. The need is arising for pollution mask as it is becoming difficult for people to breathe properly and causing many diseases as well. The need for pollution mask is arising and it is expected that in the near future other cities will also require pollution masks. This is the best opportunity which you should not let go. If you are looking for a business opportunity like this then register on BusinessEx.

Packaged Water

The need of packaged water is arising as it is difficult to get purified water everywhere. Not everyone has a purifier in their homes in India so the need for packaged water never goes out of demand. Also, if someone is planning a trip or going to someplace the packaged water is required. If you are planning to invest in this business then its the right choice.

Solar Energy

Electricity is becoming scarce from day to day excessive consumption. The battery cars, solar panels at homes, etc are the way to generate electricity and preserve the resources for future generation. This business opportunity is hard to find one so its better that you invest in it so that you will benefit yourself as well as the society.

Traffic Control

Traffic has become a major issue in urban cities of India so the technology is impacting this issue by taking care of traffic control measures. There are various startups that are focusing on this issue so that this problem can be solved. If you would like there are startups registered on BusinessEx in which you can invest in.

Home Safety

Home safety has become an issue in tierI and tierII cities as most of the people are working in these cities and it is difficult to have anyone at home so there are new startups emerging to specially cater to this need. There are appliances that help in keeping home safe and demand for these appliances is increasing. If you are planning to make an investment then this startup is a good idea.


It is difficult to find these investment opportunities but it sure is worth investing so if you are having difficulty in finding these opportunities then register on BusinessEx now. There are plenty of business opportunities that you can explore for investment or for buying.

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