5 Things To Keep In Mind While Selling Your Food Packaging Business

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In recent times, the demand for the food packaging business has risen. As per recent data released by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, the market size for packaged food is expected to reach INR 780 million in 2020. The rising trend in packaged food is attracting a lot of organizations to launch new products and varieties of packaged food. The Indian packaging industry ranks 5th in the world. To make a wise decision, one must assess the idea of the food packaging business thoroughly.


The food packaging business helps the consumers in identifying the product. It also plays an important role in protecting the environment and extends the period. Apart from this, it also helps in promoting the product and encourages buyers to buy the product.


If you are thinking to sell food packaged goods, you must know how to properly package the food. It is important to include information like where the food was made, packaging, and create Universal Product Code (UPC).  


If you are thinking to sell a food packaging business, then you have to overcome a lot of hurdles. 


In this informative guide, we will tell you how you can sell your food packaging business.   


1. Proper Food Packaging: Make sure to place the food for proper packaging that will help in the satisfying majority of buyers in the long run and retain more customers. It can be difficult to package food products to sell. However, if you have solid systems you can then create an effective business model. For your better understanding, we present you with some examples. If you are selling salsa, then you can follow the proper process for canning. While, if you are selling baked goods, then you can package it in plastic bags.

Food is not only packaged for the buyers; but, also for storage, handling, and transportation. The packaging of food is of three types like primary packaging, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging.


2. Transportability: When the food is packaged you will not be able to take it home without packaging. For example, food products like soup and rice need proper packaging. This will eventually help in preserving the freshness of these products. 


3. Labelling: It is important to design a label for food packaging with the help of computer design software. This must include the name of the product, weight, ingredients, and address on the food label. Other than this, it also includes weight, storage requirements, and whether the product contains allergens. Labelling is necessary to showcase the marketing message of the product. 


4. Pay Attention to Unique Selling Proposition (USP): USP plays a very important part in business to look for a buyer. Assess the USP of your business that makes your product stand out in the market.


5. Adhere To The Legal Procedures: The food safety laws are similar to the businesses that do the packaging. If you are planning to sell your food packaging business, you must pay attention to not only the quality; but, also to what you are showcasing that will help in improving the reputation of the supplier. Be sure to be aware of the laws, sale, and consumption. 


6. Assess The Capital: Be sure to assess how much capital you need, the number of products that you want to package. You can put your savings, look for investment, or approach your family. 


7. Create a Strong Cashflow: Selling your profitable food packaging business is a daunting task; but, selling your business that is running on loss is even more difficult. Buyers are very much cautious when buying a business as they are not very much sure when the business can earn them profit.  


8. Ensuring process and decision: When you are selling a food packaging business, be sure that it can flourish without the collaboration of the founder. You must work for the automation of all the processes in the organization that there is no need to involve the founder. Another important thing to consider is related to decision-making. It is essential to create a hierarchy that eliminates the dependency to make the business attractive.

It is important to eliminate the role of the business owner to 3 main functions:

  • Raising the capital 
  • Hiring employees 
  • Create a strategic decision


Over To You!


Having an understanding of different factors that may affect the sale of the food packaging business will not help you in the longer run. This will also help in getting buyer’s attention for running a business for sale. It is important to do proper research which will help your business in the long run. The investment in food packaging will give you the best results in selling your food packaging business. 


As a business owner, it is crucial to know what the buyers want, then you can move on to the strategies before finally putting your business for sale. 

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