5 things good mentors do differently

An entrepreneur seeks the support of a mentor in the time of need so it is better that you find the right mentor. Let's see what good mentors do differently which will help you in finding the right one.
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  • Feb 05,2018
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A mentor boosts the growth of the business by guiding entrepreneur to walk on the right path. A well known motivational speaker John C. Maxwell once said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” A good mentor shares the experience and knowledge to make entrepreneur the leader who takes a stand whenever there is a fallback in business or there is a big opportunity for the business.

 A mentor is a ladder on which entrepreneur climbs step by step towards the success. But what entrepreneurs need to understand is that not all mentors are meant to be the perfect one for their business. If an entrepreneur needs to find the right mentor then there is only one best place which is online networking space in which BusinessEx like portals caters. These portals help entrepreneurs and mentors to find the opportunity that they are looking for. Once you find a mentor then only you can decide whether he/she is good or not by interacting which these portals allow. But the important thing that entrepreneurs need to know is what good mentors do differently. 

5 Things Good Mentors Do Differently

Practical and Tactical

Mentors give guidance to their mentees but whether the assistance is beneficial or not that solely depends how good a mentor is. A good mentor gives good advice only when they think both practically and tactically as sometimes problems need to be solved logically and sometimes you need to apply some tactics to get things done. Mentors need to have a positive attitude so that they can take essential decisions after evaluating all the consequences. A new entrepreneur may have theoretical knowledge but practicality and tactics they get from experienced players only.  

Provoke entrepreneur’s interest

Mentors need to push entrepreneurs to their limit in order to prepare them for the worst as well. There are many challenges that entrepreneur needs to face while running the business so mentor ensures that entrepreneur is fully prepared for any challenge that may come in future. Mentor never held back mentee from pursuing their interest because one always learns the most from the self-made mistakes. But mentor also makes sure that there will be no effect on business functioning during the learning phase.

Deny frequently

Entrepreneurs may think differently than mentors sometimes and try to pursue to the new direction which they think is best for business but a mentor is the one who knows better whether it will benefit business or not. So if a mentor says no frequently to make sure that entrepreneur understands where they are wrong. A mentor will not be able to guide at each step so they give their learning to entrepreneur by saying no.

Analyse entrepreneur weakness

No one is perfect as if a person has an advantage in something then there will also be a disadvantage as well so a mentor identifies this weakness in entrepreneur so that mentor can help mentee overcome it. No one will tell the truth to the entrepreneur as he is the boss of the business but a mentor never holds back in showing the true picture for the betterment of business and entrepreneur.

Emotional Support

A mentor not only helps in strategic planning or decision making but also provides the support to entrepreneur emotionally. There are times when entrepreneur may feel low but a mentor is a sole person who can guide emotionally and help in selecting the best course of action for the future.

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