5 Sectors of Wellness Industry to Start Business

Planning to start a business in wellness industry, well there are some segments in which you can start your venture in. Let's see these sectors.
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  • Feb 22,2018
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The wellness industry is booming as more investors are showing interest and new startups are entering. It is a high time for you to start a business in this industry. If you are planning to buy a business in this industry then there are 5 major sectors in the wellness industry in which you can start your venture.


Beauty is one of the biggest sectors in the wellness industry which covers a lot of different aspects of this sector like men grooming, cosmetics, salon, etc. This sector is offering a lot of business opportunities which are highly productive and profitable. The male grooming market is on a boom at present so venturing in this won’t be a bad idea as there are still not many players or you can start a manufacturing unit of some cosmetic product.


In today’s world being fit has become a fashion which has increased the demand and needs for gyms, fitness apparels, shoes, and many other business opportunities. Starting a business in this sector is worth investing as more people are gaining interest and the demand in India is much more than other countries. But you need to make sure that you start the business where demand exists or you can simply buy a running business from BusinessEx.


Yoga is something which helps not only in fitness but also in having peace of mind. This technique is in high demand in India as well as in other countries for the purpose of stress release. There are a lot of business opportunities that you can start in this sector. For example, you can start an online platform where you can give yoga lessons or you can start an academy where students can directly learn from teachers. New trends are coming up in this industry which you can explore for business opportunity. Some of the trends are soul Flow Yoga, yoga equipments, yoga therapy, acrobatic yoga, etc.


Ayurveda sector has surely become one of the major sectors in the last few years especially after the introduction of Patanjali. There are a lot of products, medicines have introduced in the past few years. If you plan to venture in this sector then you can either start a manufacturing unit or you can start a clinic or a retail shop for ayurvedic products.


Organic sector includes organic herbal and food products. Recently Starbucks started its own organic tea and introduced various products. If you are interested then you can start a retail store as these products are catching the customer’s eye.


There are a lot of business opportunities in this industry but the final decision of starting the business depends on your passion. If you are more of a fitness freak then business in fitness sector is a good idea, if you are more interested in beauty then that sector will be great for starting business so it depends on you and your passion at last. If you are having trouble in finding a business in these particular sectors then register on BusinessEx and find your dream venture.

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