5 Food Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2019

As the food segment shows a promising surge, aspiring entrepreneurs can set foot into this industry and start their venture.
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  • Dec 13,2019
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At present, food has moved beyond its basic purpose of satisfying one’s hunger. It has got an entrepreneurial spark and has developed into a food business. Different cuisines that are prevalent across the globe can now partake in the upcoming small food businesses. To gain traction, restaurateurs and food entrepreneurs come up with authentic cuisines that serve a glimpse of different cultures and food practices.

According to IBEF, “ The food industry, which is currently valued at US$ 39.71 billion is expected to grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11 per cent to US$65.4 billion by 2018. Food and grocery account for around 31 per cent of India’s consumption basket.”

As the food segment shows a promising surge, aspiring entrepreneurs can set foot into this industry and start their venture. Some of the lucrative food businesses are:

1. Fitness Meal Prep Business 

In today’s time, people have become health conscious and switched to healthy food. Moreover, they have joined gyms and engrossed themselves in physical activities. Besides exercising, they have adopted the healthy and less-calorie diet. 

Using this concept, food entrepreneurs have emerged these subscription boxes, wherein they offer nutritious meals to athletes and gym-goers. For that, food businesses contact gyms, as well as fitness centers, and advertise their business to target prospective customers.

2. Organic Food Store

At present, consumers prefer organic food over processed food reflecting on the high nutrition level of the former. Seeing the consumer interest, an entrepreneur can start this food business.

The competitors one will be facing are supermarkets, departmental stores, and chain stores. However, one will have an upper hand over rivals as the organic food store will supply a wide range of organic products, which competitors would not have. Thus, the organic food store will grab customers’ attention. 

3. Picking Farm 

Picking Farm is a good business idea that anybody can start with. One can choose any crop that one wants to grow in the farm and then sell that harvest to restaurants, food-making companies, and farmer's market. 

Furthermore, the food entrepreneur can permit others to come to the farm and pick crops themselves. 

4. Food Kiosks

Food Kiosks are currently found in crowded spaces such as malls, airports, and parks. Food is one of the necessities and thus, serving that in crowded regions helps earn good revenue for entrepreneurs.   

For starting a food kiosk, an entrepreneur needs to find out the right location and right food which would be served to people. In the beginning, a food entrepreneur can begin selling water bottles and packed food. 

5.  Food Truck

Unlike food kiosks, a food truck can sell any type of food. For starting a food truck, an entrepreneur needs to infuse a large sum. Further, one needs to decide the right food to serve a variety of customers. 

One of the primary things while starting a food truck is the location. So, the food entrepreneur should ascertain a perfect location that is close to offices or apartments.

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