5 Apps that Help You Know AQI in Delhi-NCR Region

By assessing the air quality, it would be easier to have a basic idea as to how poor air quality is and secondly, how much precautions one has to take.
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  • Nov 06,2019
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As air pollution is invariably spiking in India, the air quality in the Delhi-NCR region has deteriorated immensely, arising a smoggy environment across the capital and its neighboring cities. As a result, people are facing difficulty in breathing and carrying out other outdoor activities in the affected smoggy capital. 

To examine the poor quality, one has to know the air quality index (AQI). In essence, AQI is a method to assess pollutants in the air by the Indian government to inform general masses about how detrimental air pollution is in the city.  

The higher the measure of AQI in a certain region, the more is the propensity of people falling ill and become affected by chronic health problems such as Lung Cancer, Heat Stroke and Asthma.  

Apps to Measure Air Quality 

Owing to the smoggy environment, people are facing problems in traveling to their workplaces and carrying out other outdoor chores. By assessing the air quality, it would be easier to have a basic idea as to how poor air quality is and secondly, how much precautions one has to take. 

For calibrating air quality easily, here are a few apps that one can use. 

  1.   AirVisual 

This application renders real-time information about air quality in the user’s surroundings. It also forecasts air pollution and retains data of over 10,000 cities across more than 80 nations. 

It suggests users the things that they can avoid to cause air pollution in their environment.

  1. Safar Air 

System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) has been developed by the Ministry of Earth Sciences. The application is the foremost app to offer an air quality forecasting system in the metro cities of India. It supports 4 languages--Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Marathi.

  1. Air Quality by Plume Labs 

The application offers an air report and mirrors real-time pollution in the area, where the user is located. It also renders reports on global pollution trends and shares an hourly report of the prevalent air quality in the specific region. 

The app estimates the time when a user can have a specific activity with the least amount of air pollution in the surroundings.

  1. Sameer 

The application is officially created by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to assess air pollution. It gives users an hourly update about AQI of the surrounding where they are located. Further, users can register complaints with CPCB on rising pollution levels in their regions.

  1. Sh**t! Smoke 

The application has created following an article by Berkley Earth on air pollution, which is contrasted with smoking and considered as detrimental as smoking. It converts the air pollution in the users’ surrounding region and converts it into the count of cigarettes a user has smoked. 

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