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4 Productivity Tools That Every Physician Should Use To Upscale The Business

The physician-cum-entrepreneur needs to recognize tools which can increment productivity of the business
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Dec 27,2018

The wellness industry is moderately volatile owing to the fast and effective healthcare services that are most demanded in the arena. Thus, medical practitioners require to be versed with the latest developments in the medical field and further, imbibe vigour and agility in the patient-handling approach.

Providing quick healthcare services steadily becomes an intimidating task for the employed practitioners. In the dawning period, the practitioners try enduring the stress which is resultant of hectic work-life. With the passing time, stress increments and correspondingly, it becomes unbearable to handle it. Therefore, many physicians leave their jobs and initiate their own medical enterprises or either opt for non-clinical positions.

Amalgamating medical studies and entrepreneurial skills creates a new fusion. Handling the business and meanwhile, rendering healthcare services to the patients are unrelated works that are rendered in an endeavour. Owing to which, physicians need to be a good enterprising person than a medical practitioner.

For that, the physician-cum-entrepreneur needs to recognize tools which can increment the productivity of the business. Other than enterprising skills, the physician needs to become tech-savvy as well since the technology facilitates in administering the business better. Here is the list of the web-based and cloud-based applications that the physician-cum-entrepreneur should utilize.

  1. One Note A Digital Note-Taking App

Despite facing difficulty in managing the newest tech-apps, the physician needs to reliant on web-applications to complete their tasks.

One Note is a digital application that turns out to be handy for every physician. In daily life, the physician needs to document enormous information pertaining to the patients records as well as other business details. Writing down important deets can be tedious, as well as bothersome, for the physicians. If the physician notes down deets on tangible books, then there would be heaps of books laying next to the desktop.

Instead of employing notebooks, the physician can employ a digital note-taking application, One Note. The note-taking application is extremely helpful to maintain large data. The application arranges the data in the chronological order; further, it is easier to locate the data as the app supplies various search options to the users.

Every note that gets added in the application has a different way of storing information. The note comprises of title and subtitles; furthermore, anything can be added in the notes including photographs, URLs, information and tables.

  1. Trello-A Project Management Application

In essence, the tool is utilized to organize and manage projects. The application has a free as well as paid version; the paid version has comparatively more functions. Nonetheless, the physicians are recommended to use a free version of the application in the beginning and as per their requirements, they can opt for the advanced tool.

Apprehending the application is easier as it is user-friendly. Furthermore, it gives the option to add important dates and assign tasks to the team.

  1. Dropbox- A File Hosting Software

Dropbox primarily offers file storage, cloud storage and file synchronization. Many people are familiar with the software and thus, the application is commonly found as inbuilt software. Along with the desktops, the application can be stored in cell phones as well and in turn, important data can be uploaded on the application.

  1. Voice Recognition- An Embedded Feature In Cell Phones

Primarily, voice recognition is an effective way of saving manual power and completing tasks in a short span. Other than typing the letters, the physicians can utilize the voice recognition feature in their cell phones. Through this, the text will be easily written and in turn, productivity of the business will increase.

Adopt the above-mentioned recommendations to successfully run the business.

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