3 Problems That Women Entrepreneurs Face In The Corporate World

Women entrepreneurs face more heap of challenges than male entrepreneurs in the industry
  • BY Jaspreet Kaur

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  • Oct 29,2018
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Women have lately stepped into the industry and acquired reputed roles in the business industry. As a result, women professionals have replaced their male counterparts by showcasing earnest dedication and incredible performance results. Owing to this, the stereotypes associated with the female have ended and a new era has initiated, wherein women professionals are deemed fit for each and every role. This progress is tremendous reflecting on the small size of the female professionals as compared to male professionals, in the corporate world.    

Other than this, the educative females have also started exploring the untapped market and consequently opted for setting up their own endeavours. This decisive action has transcended their limits and altogether made them equal to their counterparts. Largely, the statistical data shows the number of women entrepreneurs have comparatively incremented from the last decade. However, the growing numbers are not evidence of the easy acceptability and less-challenging environment that they could be served in the initial phase. These numbers are merely number to demonstrate women empowerment and women entrepreneurship, albeit there is still a dearth of women entrepreneurs in the industry.

The main reasons for this decremented share our lack of investment and challenges faced in the entrepreneurial journey. Unlike male entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs are easily acknowledged in the industry and consequently strive hard to achieve success. Here are three problems that women entrepreneurs face in their entrepreneurial journey.

  1.    Breaking Societal Beliefs

In Indian society, feminine roles are vastly deemed to be nurturing, rearing, and performing household chores. So, when a woman steps into the corporate industry, her potential and ability are examined at various levels and thus, she unintendedly breaks those societal taboos to create a mark.

However, even after gaining recognition in the industry, a woman entrepreneur is not considered an entrepreneur until she behaves and enacts as per the male-created standards. Herein, networking events are exemplary as being the minority group women entrepreneurs are not taken seriously during the talk and hence, face prejudice by other entrepreneurs in the event.

  1.    Raising Funds

Funding is one of the challenging things while planning out a startup business. Seeking an interested investor to endow in the business is difficult for entrepreneurs as it is time-consuming as well as exasperating task. Since Indian business industry is a male-dominated niche, it is likely that the investor would display interest in investing male-driven organizations. So, women entrepreneurs could not receive much help from venture capital.

In order to create a positive impact on the investors, women should work their projects, create a detailed prototype and demonstrate a good business plan. These elements can together elevate the image of the business and entice investors for the business.

  1.    Earn Recognition In The Male-Dominated Industry

Recognition is the main thing that woman entrepreneurs yearn for in the male-dominated industry. Even after attaining a leadership role, women leaders are not revered as other male managers and leaders do.  This takes place mostly in the organizations which are governed by female leaders. As a result, women entrepreneurs have to strive hard to prove their mettle in the industry.


The aforementioned challenges are prevalent issues that women entrepreneurs face in the corporate world. Overcoming these challenges is altogether difficult for women and thus, lessens their overall growth rate in the economy.     

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