3 Essentialities Required to Drive Sales

Utilise three essential qualities to increase sales in the business
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  • Oct 22,2018
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Sales are the major factor in shoring up a business. Following the sales, promotion and marketing comes into play and at last, these elements return back to the sales nature, forming a never-ending circle. Owing to which, companies focus on incrementing sales and training sales personnel. In the inverse scenario, if a company leaves a great impact on users but could not enhance sales figure, then it is deemed unfit for the market.

Persuading the customers to test a product or service, however failing to sell the product, is the common glitch that arises in the sales. Actually, persuasion turns out to be the part of the sales, but it is fairly the foremost step of the business. Sale of the product is the final level of the sales personnel, but sales do not end everything. Amid sales, there are also two types that are – first-place sales and second-place sales.

First-Place Sales and Second-Place Sales

First-place sale or sales pro are esteemed to be great, whereas the second-place sale is also counted as sales. However, lesser recognition is given to the latter. Mainly, the first-place sales pros attain recognition and better status because they employ a radical approach to sell a product, which the second-place sales pros fail to infuse in their sales proposal.

The radical approach that has been made by the first-place sales pro basically arises via a set of behaviours that they inculcate. These behaviours are broadly divided into three categories and further, it is essential to incorporate these behaviours so as to improve sales.   

  1.    Make a Connection

Creating a connection with customers is increasingly important and besides this, the other most significant thing is forming a bridge between customers’ needs and organizational solutions. Customers like sales pros who invest time in listening to their problem and subsequently, resolving them.           

Giving this personal touch augments a sales professional’s outlook and, in turn, grows chances of selling the product. Comparing this behaviour to an indifferent sales professional, the second-place sales pro is usually oblivious towards customers’ problems as they reiterate same pitch again and again to everyone instead approaching in a unique manner.       

  1.    Persuasion

As said, persuasion is an integral part of the sales however it is not the end of the process.  While approaching customers, many sales pros do a common mistake; they fail to stress on key areas that are: maximal return on the product, lesser risks involved in the deal and most importantly, advocating their supremacy over other brands.  

These key ideas are often left untapped by sales professionals, which in turn can escalate the sales figure and form good customer relationships.  Thus, sellers are recommended utilizing this idea and accordingly, making sales proposals.

  1.    Establishing A Bond

Generally, buyers seek a professional salesman to be diligent, educative and reactive. These qualities enhance the sales pitch and, in turn, render a bigger picture of the company as well as its services to the customers.

If these skills are inculcated or innate in the sales pro then the buyer instantly develops the interest and ends up purchasing the product. In this way, the goal of buyers, as well as sellers, is realized and a bond is established between them.  

Imbibe these ideas into the sales practice and then, increase the sales numbers on the chart.    

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