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2 Potential Reasons To Purchase A Surveillance Device Business

The Security and Surveillance industry is rising as people are splurging money to buy hi-tech surveillance devices to monitor their home as well as enterprises
BY Jaspreet Kaur
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Nov 16,2018

Vigilance is really important to administer any business. Despite the nature of the business, an entrepreneur is invariably a sole individual to surveil the enterprise and thus he should take necessary steps to keep a check on internal operations and other related functions. Such kind of surveillance is only possible through the installation of surveillance devices namely, CCTV, IP CCTV, home security camera and wireless security camera.

Owing to which, the demand of the surveillance devices is rising and people are splurging money to buy hi-tech surveillance devices so as to protect and monitor their home as well as enterprises. A Statista report states Video surveillance is one the most widely used technologies in the industry, and was expected to generate nearly 16 billion U.S. dollars in revenue worldwide in 2016. Both IP-based and non-IP based are technologies commonly used for video surveillance, although non-IP generates, on average, more the greater share of industry revenue. The United States has the greatest number of surveillance cameras per capita. Video surveillance is the second most profitable security product in the U.S., second to integrated non-residential systems. Access control and intrusion alarms also represent a significant share of the U.S. market.

Why Buy Surveillance Devices Businesses?

Viewing the growth of the Security and Surveillance market, investors or entrepreneurs can think of procuring a Surveillance Devices business. The Security and Surveillance market is constantly leaping upward and thus, capitalists can undoubtedly purchase an existing Surveillance Devices business instead of establishing a new one.

How Can Surveillance Devices Facilitate Entrepreneurs?

The changing times have changed humans dependence on technology. Earlier on, debates used to spur to determine the nature of the technology, deciding on its aspects of boon and bane. However, it is crystal clear now that technology has escalated the living style and brought people closer to each other. Likewise, the Security and Surveillance industry have advanced also and thus, coming up with new advanced surveillance devices such as IP CCTV and IP camera.

Presently, IP cameras are the most developed surveillance devices. They are not like the old surveillance devices which require cabling, DVR devices and storage devices, to make surveillance possible. The new IP surveillance devices give the instant recording to the users on their cell phones, which users can easily play or rewind so as to ascertain what is happening in their premises.

As a result, the new IP surveillance devices sort problems of safety and security. Besides this, there are various other reasons for investing in the Security and Surveillance market.

  1. Reduction and Robbery

In the retail industry, shoplifting is an impending threat that shrinks the stock from time to time. Other than customers, employees also readily perform the crime which leads to decrement in the number of stocks. To curb such activities, the Security and Surveillance industry comes with a solution-IP CCTV. The new IP CCTV will quickly display the live recording of the area, without equipping a large number of secondary devices. Furthermore, the new IP surveillance devices are cost-effective gadgets for retailers.

  1. Know Customer Experience in the Absence of the Proprietor

Entrepreneurs put immense efforts to establish a business. They work endlessly to withstand all market challenges and expect the same from employees. However, it is not natural that entrepreneurs can inculcate the same dedication that they possess, in their employees. In such a scenario, it is significant to monitor employees and see if they attend customers appropriately and perform services as per the standard.

The aforementioned reasons show that the Surveillance Devices business is profit-making and further, facilitates in reducing theft as well as strengthening customer rapport.

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