10 Small Businesses That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Start

Starting your own venture rather than work under an employer renders higher revenue and satisfaction.
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SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) has a considerably large size in the Indian economy.  SME sector incorporates various industries namely, manufacturing, services industry, construction, packaging, chemicals and food processing. The abovementioned industries are mostly chosen by the SME entrepreneurs as the business types require less investment and render higher growth prospects.

According to KPMG reports, “the number of SMEs in India is gauged to be 42.50 million, includes registered as well as unregistered SMEs. Amid 42.50 million, a substantial amount of companies, nearly 95 per cent are industrials units in the economy.”

Why Start Your Own Business?

A personal business, despite small or big, gives you higher profitable returns than a job under the employer. Further, the hard work you put in the job while working under the employer does not get much recognized beyond those four walls. Only your boss and peers appreciate your efforts whereas the same amount of hard work if you implement in the self-run company, gets recognized as well as appreciated by all outsiders.

Initiating your own venture—the idea often strikes you but you turn it down since you lack knowledge as to how to start a small scale business and what options are available to you.

What Small Scale Businesses You Can Begin?

When you talk about “small scale business” then the business mainly comprises small industries which render moderate profits and are privately owned. Amongst the vast business options available, you need to choose those business models which can augment your income. Some of these small scale businesses are resume writing and editing, beginning a personal blog and giving teaching classes for higher grade students. 

If you think deeper, then you may ascertain more small businesses that can help you earn a decent income. By keeping this in mind, you can choose and narrow down the business ideas that suits you.

  1. Set Goals For Your Small Business

Doing freelance jobs such as writing, transcribing and designing in the free time is different. While starting your own business is a whole new ballgame. You need to decide a target and further, decide the period in the calendar within which you plan to kick-start the business.

While searching out the businesses, you will ascertain various kinds of business ventures that suit your requirements. Nonetheless, each business will be distinct from the other and there are various factors that distinguish them:

  1. Amount of efforts required
  2. Expertise required
  3. Capital investment required
  4. Capability for business expansion
  5. Competitive nature in the business

Before initiating the business, it is important for you to set the goals. What will be your budget? Will be seeking investors for higher returns? Where will you be running the business from?

Answer these questions and get the concise idea as to what foundations of the business will be.

  1. Ascertain The Right Type Of Small Scale Business

Indeed, all business ideas are not equally formed. There can be a secondary business that you are operating alongside the full-time job that you disdain doing. The source of income from the secondary business can be minimal. For increasing your revenue, you may need to search for a better business option.

Every business type has a distinct requirement and most of the businesses in the list do not require investment at all. However, you can do any of these businesses, depending on the skill set and interest required.

Business Ideas For Highly Social Beings

  1. Social media manager
  2. Virtual assistant
  3. Customer Care Executive

Business Ideas For Tech-Savvy People

  1. SEO consultant
  2. Security expert
  3. Medical transcriber
  4. Insurance specialist

Business Ideas For Innovative People

  1. Interior designer
  2. Graphic designer
  3. Food and lifestyle photographer

Pick any of the business ideas from the list and start working on the business model.


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