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10 Business Opportunities in Tour and Travel Industry

With increasing number of tourists the demand for a tour and travel business is also increasing. There are various business opportunities that you can start in this industry.
BY Akshay Arora
Feature Writer, BusinessEx
Dec 15,2017

The tourism and travel industry is has a lot to offer in terms of business opportunities. In India, the industry contributes 9.6 per cent GDP of the country and it is pegged that by 2021 the GDP from this industry will contribute $147.96 billion, according to IBEF report.

The report also revealed that in 2016 the foreign tourist visits were about 8.8 million and by 2025 it will increase to 15.3 million. These current trends reveal that industry is poised to grow which enhance the probability of doing a successful business. But a business only does well if the idea is good and there is a need for it. So let’s see some small scale business opportunities in which you can start your business.

10 Business Opportunities in Tour and Travel Industry:

  1. Hotel

A business opportunity like this is difficult to start as there is a lot to see like location, market, management, staff, high investment, etc. But this is the best opportunity from which you can gain a high rate of return as well as expand your chain of hotels in future. The best option to opt this opportunity is buying a running hotel which you can do on our platform.

  1. Travel Agency

Everyone needs a platform where customers can come to and take advice about tour packages of different places which travel agency solves. This agency helps tourists in planning their travel for which they charge their commission. When tourists go to a new place, they always try to look for a support to guide them and with an increase in the number of tourists, demand also rise.

  1. Online Travel Biz

In this modern era, the way of doing business is changing. Technology has changed the way of doing business and made it comfortable for customers to have easy access to everything online so if you are planning to start a business then you should give a serious thought to an online travel portal.

  1. Adventure Tour

There are tourists who are interested in doing adventure activities or sports but they don’t know where these activities take place or how much they cost. To solve this issue there are adventure tour businesses which take customers to the activity spot and inform them all about the sport in exchange they charge their fee.

  1. City Tour

Every city has its own beauty which tourists are unable to see. These city tour businesses provide a guide to tourists to show them the famous places, share history, show culture, etc. If you are planning to invest in this business then make sure you have enough guides to meet the demand of your customers.

  1. Photography

Tourists always want to create memories to the place they visit for which having a photographer is essential. There is a huge demand for photographers that can restore the memory of the customers. You can tie up with agents, hotels to attract customers.

  1. Vehicle Renting

There are some tourists that plan their visits as per their choice and don’t want someone unknown to be a part of it. These tourists search for a vehicle that they can get on rent and go in the direction that they want. To invest in this business is a good idea and have good investment potential.

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