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Startup Services

About Start-up Training Module

BusinessEx Start-up training module has been designed for helping people through the process of starting and running a new business. Our training helps aspiring entrepreneurs setting up the businesses. We are a passionate team comprises of experienced professionals, business advisor’s, financial advisor’s and industry experts. We help people take their first steps in setting up their own company and provide assistance every step of the way.

Need of Start-up Training

Small businesses generally experience specific hurdles and challenges. These are different for start-ups as compared to existing ones. Since you are new to the market, the challenges you may face are a lack of capacity and knowledge of doing business management, sales and finance, difficulties with access to finance, absence of professional networks, innovation and market knowledge.

Start-up Training Program Structure

At BusinessEx Start-up training, we have a constant focus on Research and Development. We ensure our training material is cutting edge and helps you towards understanding the massive changes experienced in the market today. Following important topics will broadly cover topics in this training are –

  • Organisational structure of any business
  • Market and product analysis
  • Marketing and lead
  • Financial Models
  • Sales and other Processes
  • Legal and intellectual property
  • Presentation and negotiation skills and so on.

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