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What if I do not get the desired business leads per my requirement?
Depending upon your requirement and package, we try to match you up with the most relevant business leads you are looking for. If however you still find it difficult to find the exact match, you can subscribe to our email alerts for weekly updates on the latest listings or upgrade to our consulting services through which we will provide you with aided services to satisfy your requirements
Can you guarantee full internal information on the seller’s liabilities?
Franchise India, where involved in the capacity of a consultant organization, will ensure the maximum extent of due diligence keeping our clients best interests in view. Having said that there is no failsafe guarantee we or any other consultant can provide wrt the information provided by the market players. There are extraneous and market risk factors you should consider carefully before making any investments
What if I come across with any kind of fraudulent transactions did by the seller?
If you hear of any malafide action or intent from a party listed with our site, we strongly recommend that you cease transacting with them and additionally that you inform us so we can conduct our independent enquiry and take the required action on our part. We cannot however indemnify you against such a party, given the number and gamut of businesses and business persons we deal with through this portal. Hence we strongly advise you to ensure complete and thorough background checks and due diligence. Even if we recommend a lead or feature it based on specific criteria, you must still conduct due diligence as our recommendations are based on information supplied by, and only analysed by us. If you are a premium member you will automatically be entitled to a due diligence conducted by our team. However it is your responsibility to be vigilant and careful in dealings. We cannot make guarantees.
In future will I be eligible for the reselling the business, which I bought through
Any entity can avail the free services of at any point of time. The same membership plans apply for new as well as old customers. We may at any point choose to allow promotional discounts or loyalty schemes purely on a discretionary basis
What is the support I can expect after the deal is transacted?
Depending on the plan availed, you can benefit from a plethora of support services. For details see . Additionally browse the free knowledge resources on our website and subscribe to our Newsletters and e-Mail alerts.
Can I opt for the services only which are relevant to me or do I need to purchase a full consulting package?
Various plans are available for your convenience. Custom plans tailored to your unique needs are also available. See
What is the minimum investment to buy a running business?
A vast range of options are made available to you through the platform. These are spread across industries, sectors and have a wide range of asking prices. There is no set benchmark minimum investment to be made. Investors are free to search by price on the site.
Can I get financing for this purchase?
For financing options call our customer support at 1800-XXX-XXX
What are my financing options?
For any business deal financing schemes are generally mutually decided upon by transacting parties, with guidance from an expert, if sought. Purchases may be made through cash, credit, loans, external funding through VCs, crowd-funding, invoice financing, partners etc. For a detailed consultation contact us on
Can you tell me about the applicable laws that apply to my new business?
There are a number of laws that apply to various businesses depending upon industry, context, scale and many other factors. The complexity of this area requires expert opinion. For a detailed consultation contact us on
Can you help me get the required property for my business? Can you guide me on setting up an office? is an expert consultant in business purchases, sales, broker services, real estate and property services. We can help you determine the best property and obtain it at a right price within your plans. For a detailed consultation contact us on
Do I need a business plan for planning my business?
There is no mandatory requirement for such but it is a highly recommended process that brings out any potential risks of operations, required investment and cash flow, time frame for a break even and other important business considerations to be acted upon in the present to obtain desired future results.
Is there any refund policy or probation or grace period ?
There is no refund policy for any of the plans currently
Is there any time and delivery commitment from the seller as well as from you?
For reasons of business and market unpredictability there is no possibility of any guaranteed commitments by For commitments from the seller, you must undertake independent negotiations and craft agreements appropriately. If you choose to avail consulting services, we will undertake such activities on your behalf based on agreed upon terms.
What is the duration of membership plans?
Membership plans are applicable on a quarterly basis, renewable per requirement
What is your role in a purchase transaction?
Depending upon the plan selected, can be used in various ways. You can choose to be a free registered member or avail any of our premium packages. In the former case our platform provides you with a host of services and information resources, apart from finding relevant opportunities through our exhaustive database of business listings. Premium members get additional benefits such as Certified Valuation, Featured Ads, Aided Services, Call Center support etc
I know the sale and transaction procedure and can get it done on my own. Can you just provide qualified leads to me?
Yes you can use the portal to find leads
How do I initiate the process to sell my business without my employees and customers finding out? provides you with the option of listing your business confidentially and/or finding a prospective buyer through our Featured Investor Ads. You can additionally become a private unlisted seller and be privately informed by us, of qualified leads that match your set criteria.
Why should I sell my business through your site? What are the benefits I can get from you that I cannot get elsewhere? is the single largest business marketplace that consolidates serious business buyers, sellers and various intermediaries across the country. No other organisation has our depth of expertise or our ecosystem of connected market players, in this segment to cater to specific needs of buyers and sellers in the SME space.
Will my company be attractive to a public company? How can you help me choose the right buyer?
Depending upon your plan and requirements, experts are available to guide and help you find the right buyer for your business as well as position yourself to the desired candidates
How long should I list my company on your site, before I can expect a closure?
There is no set timeframe within which a deal can happen, however it is recommended that you keep and update your listing for at least 3 months at a minimum
Will a valuation help sell my business at the highest price?
A valuation is a technique that tells you the correct worth of your business. It is not intended to get you the highest price but the right worth. Generally norms state that based on the valuation you set the price by adding a relevant premium/goodwill amount.
What kind information do you require from me to help me ascertain my worth and set a correct asking price?
To get your business values use our free Valuator (link). You will need to furnish details from your financial statements such as P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements, details of your industry, Compounded Annual Growth Rates, some inputs on intangibles such as management team etc. For a certified Valuation the same methodology and approach follows, but is implemented in a more detailed manner. Additionally we provide you with a certification stating we have conducted a valuation on your business. You can use this to showcase your worth to prospects.
How critically will a key customer leaving me, affect the valuation of my business?
The worth of some businesses which are not profitable yet, nor own sale-worthy assets, nor brand value or any other valuable asset may depend upon the Expected Lifetime Value of some Large Key Customers. In such a case the valuation is likely to get affected by churn of important customers. This is a representative scenario and there may be other circumstances where customer attrition may affect valuation
Do i necessarily need to furnish retrospective financial and operational data to get a
Valuation is a process that helps you understand the correct worth of your business, set a marketable asking price, and establish your business credibility in the buyer market. It is eventually in your best interest to furnish all the accurate details asked for. Without the correct data you may not get a reliable valuation. It is strongly advised to provide correct, verifiable data. The responsibility of is to empower business buyers and sellers to make informed decisions. neither undertakes to validate information provided by you, unless explicitly and specifically commissioned to do so, nor assumes any liability whatsoever of inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the entity seeking valuation. The Certified Valuator™ determines your business value solely based on the information you furnish. The more verifiable the details provided, the more likely you are of getting the right buyer at the earliest.
I have a loss-making unit that I want to sell but am not sure how to market. How can I sell it?
The possibility of a business sale may depend upon many factors apart from profitability. The important consideration is whether the business is fundamentally an unprofitable model and cannot be monetized or if a turnaround is possible. Sellers usually look for future indications and eventual returns on investment. Some factors that can help a business get sold even when it is unprofitable can be:
o Possibility of turnaround with a different management team
o New government laws and policies that make the future profits likely
o Unprofitability is because of young business in its investment phase
o Adequate capital available for further investments
o Saleable and undepreciated fixed assets
o Valuable talent pool that can be utilised better with new ownership
o Valuable or Large customers or a great customer servicing team that can generate customer traction with better offerings
o Other synergies like established large distribution, supply chain networks, Intellectual Property Rights, customer penetration and market penetration etc.
It is a rare case where the business cannot be turned around or has no future possibilities. For more information upgrade to our Premium or Gold Packages and avail personalised consulting services to get your business analysed
I have a business that is running profitably but lack of funds is constraining my ability to expand operations. How can you help me? can help you find partners and financiers through our networks, forums and investor connections. You can additionally subscribe to our Featured Ads and Premium services for customized solutions.
What are the most attractive qualities of a business that can attract the right buyers?
Buyers are likely to get attracted by a business prospect based on a combination of various factors per their needs. Some common factors are business profitability, future potential, unique or monetizable solutions offered and market demand, existing customer base or talented employee base, capitalization, IP, Knowhow, certifications and other assets etc. This is no exhaustive list but only an indicative one
How can I know what is a fair asking price for my business?
For understanding the business worth of your enterprise, Try our FREE Valuator! If you want a more specific valuation you can also opt for our Certified Valuator™ or upgrade to our Premium services whereby a dedicated consultant will carry out detailed due diligence and valuation for you.
What valuation methods are used for a privately held company?
All valuation methods used by are commonly known and used across industries globally. We use the well-known Discounted Cash Flow, Net Assets Value, Multiples etc methods.
Will you be part of the closing procedure?
We provide extensive consulting services to our Premium customers including involvement at every stage. Alternatively you can leverage our forums to find relevant brokers who can help with closing the deal.
Can you help me find credible brokers who can personally guide me through the whole process?
Yes. Please go through our Broker listings per your requirement
What are my options for increasing the leads generated for the sale of my business ?
To get more leads, you can subscribe to our “Opportunity of the Week” or Featured ADs
I already have a clientele and an established business. How can I benefit from your services?
How can I enrol as an IBBA member?
Can i get certified as a qualified IBBA broker through you?
What trade associations are you affiliated with? Do you have any accreditations?
Will you charge anything extra other than the upfront registration fee ?
Can I get access to international leads through this portal?
Do you conduct any trainings, seminars, events or provide networking opportunities for brokers?
Will I get relevant leads from this membership, relevant to my business, capability and geography?
Will you help me in cases where I have part of the capability and need support to provide a comprehensive delivery to customers?
Are there any discounts or loyalty programs that you offer?
Can you help me price my services?
For enquiries, call on 1800 103 2007 or write to us